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Statement against a Lebanese artist: She should be deported from Egypt


A lawyer has complained to the Egyptian state prosecutor about Lebanese actress and singer Dolly Shaheen, who did not claim to have been brutally assaulted by unknown individuals, and her claim has been proven false, as it is just her new series of advertisements.

In a statement, lawyer Ayman Mahfouz quoted the newspaper Akbar al-Yum as saying: “Gaining fame at the expense of security efforts still separates the worst from us.

The communication further states: “These irresponsible acts represent a crime of misrepresentation and harassment of officers, and the person who reported this false news in false belief is liable to punishment, which was done under section 305 of the Penal Code. , And he did not file a lawsuit with what he said, and the law and the judiciary are identical The pillars of a false report are reported to the parties in false belief and with the intent of an incident it is falsely proven that the offender needs punishment.

In his statement against Dolly Shaheen, the prosecutor added that he was entitled to the sentence referred to in section 188: imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year and a fine not exceeding five thousand pounds, and not exceeding 20,000 pounds or both, with the intent to maliciously use one of the above methods. If he tells false news, statements, rumors or fake or fake papers or lies to others it will disturb the public peace.

He cited the indictment against Dolly Shaheen, who is entitled to the fines specified in sections 25 and 27 of the new Internet Act, including imprisonment for 3 years and a fine of 300 300,000, for destroying family values, misusing the Internet and creating an account with the intention of facilitating a crime.

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At the end of her communication, which contained the number 134544 for 2021, the Attorney General’s petitions called for the use of texts of criminal articles, preventing Dolly Shaheen from entering the Egyptian border and deporting her immediately from Egypt. To investigate, and to impose a maximum sentence on her, revoke her work permits in Egypt and take the necessary legal action.

And Toli Shaheen’s media adviser, Islam Milad Nasrallah, attacked her on her page on the social networking site “Facebook” and called for her recovery, and then today she released news related news. Photos of the attack are part of the Mamluk series.

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