June 1, 2023

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Statement against Egyptian artist Mohammed Ramadan after wearing a Lebanese military uniform



Egyptian lawyer Ayman Mahfouz has filed a complaint with the public prosecutor against artist Mohammed Ramadan for wearing a Lebanese military uniform without permission after the crisis of obtaining a doctorate in Lebanon.

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In his contacts with the Attorney General, the Egyptian lawyer said: “The search for the madness of fame and the trend of the artist Mohammed Ramadan raises a number of issues that lead to crime in most cases. The matter was denied by all parties and I was amazed at the behavior of Ramadan.

Mahfouz added: “Ramadan is one of the most important international weapons of Ramadan, except for the deliberate loss of Egypt without the permission of the President, without the right to hold official ceremonies in military uniform in Lebanon. Creating a diplomatic crisis. “

Mahfouz also said in his speech that Ramadan should not be worn as a military uniform for any reason in a foreign country, even if it is in a recreational way, in addition, according to the following texts 157, 158 and 159, punishments can publicly offend anyone who does not give him or her a military medal. Wearing a foreign medal without entitlement, or in general unjustly or without the permission of the President, or calling himself a foreign honorary degree. To the detriment of relations and foreign policy in Lebanon and Germany, as well as in Egypt.

He added: “If Ramadan deserves to be punished, it deserves the administrative punishments that the government deems appropriate, the most severe punishments and the relatively long suspension from artistic work. Reconsider yourself and use your mind in his actions.”
At the end of his communication, the lawyer will launch a comprehensive investigation, execute indictment articles in the matter, recommend Ramadan for criminal investigation, impose appropriate administrative penalties against Ramadan following the musicians’ syndicate’s investigation and take the necessary legal action.

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Source: Al-Wafd