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Stories of refugee suffering and crime, love and conflict in “Fire with Fire”


Amman – Al-Qat – Suspenseful and exciting social and emotional stories based on the suffering and crime, love and struggle for survival of Syrian refugees forced to flee to Lebanon by circumstances in the “Fire with Fire” series. In the course of events, two men fight to win the heart of Mariam, a refugee and asylum seeker, one of whom is a coin dealer and usurer who allows her to do everything to achieve his goals, and the second is a racist pianist. A teacher who hates refugees, will love succeed in changing these personalities?
In the series “Fire by Fire” Abed Fahad plays the character “Imran”, which he describes: “Imran is a mobile bank manager, so to speak. He is a usurer in his worst form, and of course he is a very materialistic person. Money is everything to him. From his point of view, , life begins with money and ends with money, means a person lives his whole life in search of wealth and money. If you do not have money, your dreams will burn, darkness will fall, hope will be lost, poverty will prevail. Ignorance and homelessness will prevail.
Fahad adds: “I am inspired by the character I am playing, I see a poor, tired man whose life has hurt him and he has become homeless because of the greed of the greedy and usurers. Like them. From Imran’s point of view, we live in a jungle where the old eat the young, so Imran is a mobile monster who controls this neighborhood through money. Fahd describes the work: “In this work, we try to explain what lies behind the idea of ​​racism, because hatred among people is not as widespread as some people think. Sometimes there can be ignorance.. Who are the Syrian refugees? Who are the intellectuals in Syria? And who are the poets and writers..etc.
Fahd explains: “Imran was not born a usurer. Life imposed it on him.. In the end, he wants to do business like any bank and get his due, and he mortgages everything to get his due.” Fahd points out that while playing this role, he tried to benefit from some of the real personalities he met or knew in his life, miserly, materialistic people: “The actor borrows from existing personalities.”
Karis Bashar portrays the character “Maryam” in “Fire with Fire”. He talks about some of the difficulties he faced during the shoot. Every scene requires a production company to bear the cost and time to prepare the actor and the location for the shoot. It needs to take ownership of various aspects like timing, photography and lighting, or costumes and accessories…
And Caris continues: “For me, the psychological exhaustion is in Maryam’s personality, her upbringing, her journey and everything she went through, and not just in her expression of racism. Rather, the very simple thing that Mary went through was that she exposed racism because she was able to defend herself and stand in the face of every racist.
About the renewed collaboration with Abed Fahad he says: “Working with him is very interesting because we know each other. We also discussed a lot about the relationship between the two characters Imran and Maryam, how did that relationship develop? A form of love? What stages do they go through? The form of conflict between them!
George Kabar says about Aziz’s persona: “I create a new but real persona, an existing and racist model, because of the personal historical event he experienced during the events in Lebanon. Therefore, this is unacceptable to him. The work is shown in the VIP suite of “Shahid” in Ramadan.

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