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Weather in Jordan on Monday and Tuesday


  • Arab Weather: There will be a slight rise in temperature on Monday

The Arab Regional Meteorological Center said there would be a slight rise in temperatures on Monday, which would be around rates for this time of year.
He said Jordan will be affected by hot air currents on Tuesday, increasing temperatures and generally sunny spring weather.

The Arabian Meteorological Department said temperatures on Monday would be slightly lower than normal for this time of the year around their averages.
The weather at higher mountain elevations in other areas, including the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the city of Aqaba, is relatively cool and pleasant, with low cloud cover, especially in the morning hours, possibly as a result. According to the Arab Weather Report, there will be light and scattered local rains in the limited parts of the north of the Kingdom, and the wind will be moderate from the northwest, and the afternoon and afternoon hours will be active at times, especially in the eastern parts of the Kingdom, according to the Arab Weather Report.

During Monday/Tuesday nights, the weather will be relatively cool and cold in various parts of the Kingdom, with low temperatures touching 10 degrees Celsius in most areas, including the capital Amman, and moderate northwesterly winds. Speed, sometimes active at night.

Mild spring weather on Tuesday

On Tuesday, Jordan suffered from air currents with slightly warmer temperatures than its usual rates, as temperatures in all regions rose slightly above the average for this year, and the spring weather was generally mild with a stable face. With the brightness of the sun. It will increase the feeling of heat, especially in the low areas, and the wind will be from west to southwest direction, at moderate speed, according to Arab Weather, active in the afternoon and afternoon.

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