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“Strength and perseverance” was shown by the tuna trapped in the nets of the Mediterranean Sea


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – You may or may not agree on how to eat tuna, but have you ever wondered how to catch it?

During a diving trip in Italy, the Italian photographer Pascual Vassello was able to demonstrate the “strength and determination” of the tuna fish that sought to free itself from the fishing nets.

Vassello explains in an interview with CNN in Arabic that his photo was taken in the Gulf during the competition for the title of Best Underwater Photographer of 2022, which he described as “a powerful blend of everyday life of food production”. Naples in southern Italy in Mediterranean waters.

debt: Pascual Vassallo

Vassello wanted to document the fish that are still alive in fishing nets near the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The portal points to the intriguing story about this photo, entitled “Into the Nets”. Work.

The fishermen on the boat did not notice him and the photographer was in danger of getting caught in the net, so the attempt to capture this picture was not without obstacles.

"Strength and perseverance" It is shown by tuna trapped in Mediterranean waters.
debt: Pascual Vassallo

Vasallo recalled the tragedy when he saw tuna fish fighting for their lives and swimming down.

During this period, Vasallo was interested in documenting the links between marine life and marine effluents.

“Through my work, I try to spread awareness about this issue in the hope that it will change course,” he added.

Vassello’s photo was appreciated by his followers, who expressed their sympathy for the besieged tuna, which he said was the same feeling he experienced during the filming of this shot.

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"Strength and perseverance" It is shown by tuna trapped in Mediterranean waters.
debt: Pascual Vassallo

Excessive fishing, illegal, unregulated and undocumented fishing has reduced the number of tuna in many areas.

Many countries depend on tuna for both food security and nutrition, and more than 80 countries have tuna fisheries, according to the United Nations Environment Program website.

World Tuna Day was first celebrated on 2 May 2017, with the aim of disseminating information about the potential impact of significantly reducing tuna stocks, and highlighting the economic and social benefits of developing sustainable fishing practices.

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