June 2, 2023

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Washington: Reliable reports on the integration of Russia into "war crimes" and "oil"

Washington: Reliable reports on the integration of Russia into “war crimes” and “oil”

On Sunday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, in an interview with CNN, pointed to “very credible reports” that Russia had committed war crimes in its attack on Ukraine.

“We have seen credible reports that deliberate attacks on civilians are war crimes,” Blingen said, stressing that the United States was “watching” this information.

Blinken revealed that the United States is working with its allies in Europe to consider the possibility of blocking Russia’s oil exports in an attempt to punish Moscow for its unjust occupation of Ukraine.

He said, “We are now in talks with our European partners and allies to ensure that there is still an adequate supply of oil in world markets and to consider in a concerted manner the possibility of blocking Russian oil imports.”

Blingen stressed that US planes would not fly in the face of Russian planes and that “we will not station our troops in Ukraine.”

Speaking from Moldova after a visit to Poland on the Ukrainian border, the foreign minister said the war could “continue for some time” but that Russian President Vladimir Putin would “fail” in Ukraine.

“Winning the war does not mean winning the war. Controlling a city does not mean controlling the heart and soul of the people of Ukraine,” he said.

On the eleventh day of the Ukrainian invasion, Russian forces advanced north of Kiev, killing 351 civilians and targeting Ukrainian cities with bombings that wounded more than 700, displacing more than 1.5 million people. Their country according to the United Nations.

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