June 3, 2023

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Strong response to Ronaldo's call from the mother of the "Boy Cheerleader" incident

Strong response to Ronaldo’s call from the mother of the “Boy Cheerleader” incident

Jack Harding’s mother, Sarah Kelly, said Ronaldo’s representative called her and invited her and her son to meet with the player at Old Trafford, but he refused the Madeira missile request.

The British “Sky News” network quoted Kelly as saying: “I did not say anything. To Ronaldo“Jake was filming Ronaldo limping due to a leg injury. What Ronaldo did shocked my son. Stress. My son is a different person, can’t accept and deal with things like normal human beings.

Kelly reduced Ronaldo’s apology Social media “If he had been honest he would have picked up Jake’s phone that fell to the ground and he would have simply said sorry,” he said.

In Ronaldo’s apology, he said, “I want to apologize for my anger and invite this fan to watch a game at Old Trafford, a sign of the importance of sportiness and fair play.” . “

Kelly explained that he did not want to sit in the same place where his son was attacked, but insisted that he be encouraged. Everton.

Kelly ended his speech by saying that he had been exposed To bully By the fans United Who carried out a vicious attack on social media.

Police investigation

Liverpool police have announced they are investigating Jack’s attack and are cooperating with the Everton club’s management to uncover the circumstances.

A police statement said: “We are working with Manchester United FC and Everton FC following a complaint of assault during the match.

The report added: “Investigations are ongoing and authorities are currently cooperating with Everton FC For football Review security cameras and conduct extensive investigations with witnesses to determine if a crime has been committed. “

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Liverpool police have asked witnesses to testify after a video clip of the incident spread on social media.