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Study: Mysterious hepatitis is caused by an adenovirus that is spread by touching the stool in the mouth.


Mysterious hepatitis outbreaks in children continue throughout the summer and many cases remain undiagnosed, experts warn – the death toll worldwide has risen to 12, including 5 deaths in the United States, warns Dr. Mathews, head of virology in Mayo. The hospital said the cases continue to come out this summer.

Diseased states

According to the newspaper, the disease is caused by adenovirus, which naturally spreads by touching the stool and then touching the area around the mouth.

He said many cases in the United States remain undiagnosed, which may be due to mild cases, and so far 5 deaths have been reported in the United States due to hepatitis, one of which is in Wisconsin.

He added that at least 12 children had died worldwide, and that deaths had been reported in Indonesia, Palestine and Ireland.

Expert Matthew
Expert Matthew

A top virologist warned on Friday that the mysterious hepatitis outbreak in the United States would continue “throughout the summer”, with a global death toll reaching 12 and 5 deaths in the United States, with many cases already undiagnosed..

Scientists are confused by the cause, but leading theories suggest that adenovirus is a type of disease that spreads by touching contaminated surfaces..

Dr. Matthew Benecker, Director of Medical Virology at the Mayo Clinic, said: Mayo Clinic In Minnesota, cases appear throughout the year because the transaction “does not occur seasonally.”“.

He warned that schools and care centers – places where many children mix – are important centers for the spread of the virus.

Dr. Pinker warned that many cases of hepatitis in children remain undiagnosed in the United States because in some cases, children may not be healthy enough to take their parents to the doctor or hospital..

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The vast majority of children infected with atopic hepatitis in the United States have tested positive for adenovirus, but it is not clear whether the virus itself causes disease or infection, i.e. another factor similar to the earlier diagnosis of corona virus..

Adenoviruses are relatively common in children, but until this year they are rarely associated with hepatitis, and the common causes of the disease – the hepatitis viruses – have been ruled out, the newspaper said. A And B And C And D. And E –

So far at least 12 children worldwide have died from the mysterious hepatitis, with 5 deaths in Indonesia and one each in Ireland and Palestine, with more than 110 cases reported in 26 states so far, with 15 children infected. That they need liver transplant surgery.

Worldwide, 450 cases have been reported in 21 countries, mostly among children under the age of 10, most of them in the UK (160), which was the first to detect the outbreak..

“I would not be comfortable saying that this outbreak is at its peak, and I will say that cases continue to emerge throughout the summer because we will continue to see children in nurseries with high prevalence,” said Dr. Pinker, head of virology. Mayo Clinic. The type of adenovirus we do not think will be seasonal, and we will continue to see cases throughout the year. “

The adenovirus, which has been positively tested in most children with hepatitis paralysis, is scientifically known as type 41 and causes symptoms such as infection of the digestive system, diarrhea and vomiting, spread through oral feces, or contact with contaminated surfaces. Touches their mouths after defecating. “Then.

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Asked if many cases would be detected in the United States, Benecker warned that many of them were likely to be diagnosed because they were mild..

He explained, “Hepatitis occurs gradually, which can lead to a person being admitted to the hospital, and in mild cases, parents may not be able to take their children to the hospital for testing or vomiting..

People with hepatitis may notice changes in the color of the skin, so some people may experience symptoms such as jaundice or yellowing of the skin, sometimes from very noticeable to very small changes, but sometimes it can be very subtle. Will go unnoticed. “

He said only about 90% of children who go to see a doctor are admitted to the hospital, leaving only a “small percentage” of those who are sick enough to go to the doctors..

He stressed that it would be too soon to say whether the United States would detect most of the cases in the world, which is currently second only to the world, but that there are “more” because the country has a larger population. More here than in any other country. ““.

The newspaper points out that there are more than 160 cases in the world so far – the United Kingdom with a population of 67 million..

But the United States – nearly 5 times the population, or 329 million people – ranks second in more than 110 cases, and both countries have been diagnosed with hepatitis better than others by their robust surveillance systems..

Parents should not worry if hepatitis is undiagnosed but has progressed on their own because they are unlikely to have long-term consequences, but the newspaper pointed out that any parent who cares about their child should take him or her for testing..

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benecker runs Finnicker The Mayo Clinic contacts the Department of Medical Virology, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) To provide assistance in testing patient samples for adenovirus, but at present this offer is not accepted because so far there may have been only a relatively few cases..

Yesterday, Missouri updated the number of cases Inflammation of the lever It reported 10 cases, and North Carolina quadrupled its numbers from 2 to 9, with previously reported cases of hepatitis B in both states, although they have now provided updated numbers..

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post..

Most cases were reported in the United States from October to March, but Hawaii said he was hospitalized for a few days by the end of April this week. Currently 26 states have confirmed or suspected cases: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina, At least one case has been reported in Puerto Rico, as has been done in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin..

The CDC has refused to disclose where the five deaths occurred in the United States, citing “secret issues”.But there is at least one in Wisconsin, where the health department confirmed last month that it was investigating illness-related deaths.

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