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Study: Space News and NASA are vulnerable to misinformation and misinformation in the media


“In recent years, social media has helped spread unprecedented amounts of misinformation in all fields, including astronomy and space,” the fact-finding site Mespar said in a statement on Tuesday.

The report said, “Astronomy and space are one of the richest fields for spreading misinformation about themselves, and this information is often attributed to NASA, and if we go to their website and search for that information, we often do not find it, or we find that it is distorted from its context.” “

In his interview entitled “The Dark Page of Misinformation About Online Space”, Katy Mack, a theoretical cosmologist at North Carolina State University, pointed out that when people often share misinformation about science, it is wrong. Many people do not have the ability to evaluate the resources they are looking for. They share the video because the video is awesome because they do not know it is wrong and do not check its source. There are many accounts on Twitter of an astronomical nature that share false or completely false information, which may be based on fabricated images or allegations related to conspiracy theories. The “Mesbar” team monitored a number of misinformation and news about the location on social media and social networking sites:

On May 27, news spread on Facebook pages that an asteroid was threatening Earth. (7335) A “study” shows that an asteroid called 1989 JA will approach Earth at a distance of 2.5 million miles at a distance of 10.5 times between the Earth and the Moon, and that it will pass safely. Invisible.

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Also spread on social media, a picture claimed by its publisher showed the door of a stone cave on Mars, which was discovered by NASA and confused scientists. Verification shows that this claim is incorrect, and that the spread image is an extended version of the image taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars. The company explained that this shows the natural rock formation that formed as a result of the weather on Mars.

The “NASA” space agency on May 16 monitored and documented the lunar eclipse, a false claim made by its publishers about the crew, which was spread in previous years.

During the “investigation”, it was discovered that one of the three images showing the split on the full moon was fabricated because it was manipulated along the split. The original photo was posted on Facebook by Belgian photographer Luc Viator on February 24, 2009. He took it during the full moon in Belgium at that time and shared it with his followers.

On August 19, 2010 NASA released the other two photos with a group photo. It attached a report that talked about the Moon’s center shrinking about 100 meters after cooling, which led to the collapse of its crust. Formation of scars on its surface.

On the ninth of this month, “NASA” did not release a picture of the moon as its clear image, because this claim is false, and the image in circulation of the moon is not real, but a combination of thousands of snapshots. , And not distributed by NASA, but taken by a French astronomer and published on his social media accounts.

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Last February, NASA did not warn of a space rock coming towards Earth because that claim was false. The U.S. space agency did not say last November that an asteroid the size of the Eiffel Tower would collide with Earth.

And about the news of a rock collision on the planet, which has been circulating for years, a “study” investigation showed that it was false, and the parallel picture of the claim spread many years ago as an explanation and expression. “Getty” specializes in films, and no “study” was found on the NASA website. There is no news regarding this on the official websites trusted websites.

Further Facebook accounts spread an image of astronaut Bruce McKintless floating freely in space above Earth without being attached to the spacecraft. Upon verification of the claim, the study found that it was incorrect because the image had been tampered with and was not similar to the original image of astronaut Bruce McKintless flying in space above Earth. The original film was modified along with the mountain ranges. Does not appear in the original image.

The Indian satellite collided during the maintenance of the International Space Station and led to the massive material loss of American astronaut Michael Collins, a video clip that spread on social media after he was thrown wide, its publishers say. Space and his body have not yet been discovered.

The “Probe” investigation found that the claim was false and that the video was created by the Ukrainian digital artist Alexei, who posted it on his Instagram account on July 27, 2021. Also, American astronaut Michael Collins died in April. 28, 2021. April 2021, according to “Reuters”, 90 years old with cancer.

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Their publishers posted on Facebook a picture of Mercury, Venus and Saturn in front of the pyramids in the Kesira region of Egypt, and said the event would occur once every 2373 years. “Probe”‘s investigation revealed that this was fabricated when he was talking about an event that could occur directly opposite the three planets in 2012, as it was published on the space science entertainment blog Charles Marcelo in 2011. Pyramids of Giza.

In November 2021, NASA did not warn of the danger of global catastrophe in the atmosphere because a “study” is misleading and NASA did not issue a warning of something terrible in the Earth’s atmosphere. It will lead to the end of humanity and the world.

To avoid misinformation about space science, Katie Mack, a theoretical cosmologist at North Carolina State University, advised that before you publish it, you should know the source of the information.

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