June 9, 2023

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Success News Today | Sami Al-Naji’s substitute in front of Al-Fayha is a new star in the Saudi outfit

Today, April 8, 2023, Cole monitors the Arabic version of the most important message from the Saudi al-Nasr group.

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Garcia chooses Al-Naji as a replacement ahead of Al-Fayha

Al-Nasr continued their training yesterday as they face Al-Fayha tomorrow Sunday evening in the 23rd round of the Saudi Roshan League.

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Sami Al-Najee was ruled out due to injury and goalkeeper Amin Bukhari for the same reason. Coach Rudy Garcia replaced Al-Najei with Ayman Yahya behind the striker on the right side of the three.

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Conan appears in Saudi garb

Al-Nasr defender Gislan Konan joins the list of foreign players to appear in traditional Saudi attire.

Tweeters on Twitter circulated a video clip showing the Saudi wearing the dress on the left back.

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Al-Aqidi appears in Al-Nasr Training

Balance Nawaf Al-Aqidi at Al-Nasr joint training yesterday, in preparation to face Al-Fayha.

The goalkeeper sustained an injury during the clash with Neeti but is fit to play tomorrow’s match.

Will the Al-Hilal star lose the winning streak?

Gustavo Cuellar was red carded during Al-Hilal’s match against Al-Shabaab last evening. Will the penalty stop him from facing Al-Nasr in the 25th round?

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Will he miss Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr derby? Revealing the length of Gustavo Cuellar’s suspension