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Sudan .. Washington welcomes a blueprint for ending the sit-in, crisis in front of the Republican Palace to demand a new government | Political news


The sit-in began in front of the Presidential Palace in Khartoum after supporters of the “Forces of Freedom and Change – National Charter Committee” called for the formation of a new government.

Yesterday, the Sudanese capital saw protests over the dissolution of the interim government and the chanting of slogans by another government as “representative of the forces of revolution.” A site for residency.

Protest leaders said they would hold a sit-in protest in front of the Presidential Palace until their demands were met.

Al-Jazeera correspondent in front of the Republican Palace, protesters gathered in front of the palace’s south gate, and the leaders of the “National Charter Group” alternately delivered speeches from platforms set up for this purpose.

The reporter pointed out that the main demonstration had broken down in the evening, while a group of protesters set up a platform for seating at the venue.

Officials from the “National Charter Committee” accused the protesters of harassing them and placing concrete blocks in their path (French)

The reporter pointed out that the Sudanese security forces had announced the arrest of a group dressed in civilian clothes who hurled tear gas at protesters near the gates of the Republican Palace.

Demonstrators are calling for the expansion of the base of participation in the interim government, the formation of a government of skills, the improvement of living conditions and the “recovery of the revolution from its kidnappers”, as well as the completion of the interim structures from the Constitutional Court to the judiciary and all the commissions mentioned in the constitutional document.

On the other hand, they accused the “Forces of Freedom and Change – Central Council Committee” of undermining the effectiveness of these demonstrations and the remnants of the previous regime and behind them.

Supporters of the forces for change called for a million-strong demonstration next Thursday.

National Contract Charter

The leaders of the Coalition for Freedom and Change, known as the “National Covenant Agreement”, signed their own charter in Khartoum on Saturday. Document, and Create Government of Skills.

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The charter should complete the interim power structures, especially the Constitutional Court and the Interim Legislature.

The new group includes party organizations and armed movements, particularly the Sudan Liberation Movement led by Darfur Governor Minnie Arko Minavi and the Justice and Equality Movement led by current Finance Minister Jibril Ibrahim.

The Central Council of the Forces for Independence and Change rejected today’s demonstrations and questioned the motives of its supporters (the French).

The new group blames the forces of freedom and change, known as the “Central Governing Body” group, for trying to monopolize power by excluding the rest of the country’s domestic currents.

Morna Arco Minavi, governor of the Darfur region and leader of the forces of freedom and change, stressed that the island’s National Charter Committee, the “Powers of Freedom and Change, Central Council Committee” had hijacked the revolution, and called on their coalition of leaders to expand their participation in government.

Opposition to the dissolution of the state

As part of that, the Central Council of Forces for Freedom and Change said – in a statement – that the current crisis in the country is behind limited military and civilian leaders, who aim to stop the revolution by bringing hunger and the people to their knees, as well as security chaos, closing ports and closing roads.

The Central Council considered elements of the former regime behind the call for a march on Saturday, and discussed with the Prime Minister and the forces of revolution that the dissolution of the government was a decision owned by the forces of freedom and change. , And not implemented by superior results.

The council described Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok’s speech as “biased towards civil democratic change, and in favor of dissolving the isolated regime.”

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For his part, the leader of the forces of freedom and change, Adel Galbala, told Al Jazeera that the demonstration in Khartoum came within the framework of a conspiracy based on dead forces, as he described it, and insisted that the demonstration was lost and without central leadership.

In order to get out of the current crisis, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, chairman of the Constituent Assembly, advised Kalabala to call on state councils and institutions to summon and discuss crises based on the constitutional document.

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah HamdakWhile presenting a road map, Hamdok (Anatolia Agency) spoke about the worst crisis threatening the country’s democratic transition.

American welcome

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan welcomed the roadmap announced by Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdak on Friday to end the country’s crisis in order to secure democratic change in Sudan.

Blingen urged all parties in Sudan to take immediate and decisive action to meet the key requirements of the constitutional declaration.

In turn, the U.S. embassy in Khartoum said in a tweet on its Twitter account on Saturday that it fully supports democratic civil transition in Sudan, including the implementation of interim institutions and the start of preparations for elections.

Hamdok presented a roadmap based on calling for a halt to the expansion and calling for dialogue, and said the current crisis was the worst and most serious crisis threatening the country’s democratic transition.

He added that the failed coup attempt last month had exacerbated the differences, without giving everyone a chance to warn of immediate dangers.

Hamdock announced that he had drawn up a blueprint to resolve the current crisis based on discussions with the parties concerned, and that the way to implement this blueprint was to stop the expansion between the parties and to emphasize dialogue.

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The Prime Minister of Sudan felt that the current conflict in the country was not between the civilian population and the military, but between the camp of democratic change and the camp of revolution against revolution.

Extensive conversation

For its part, the task of the United Nations in supporting change in Sudan is to resolve all crises, emphasizing a comprehensive dialogue between the social elements of East Sudan and state institutions.

UN The official, Stephanie Cory, said East Sudan has suffered from historic periods of marginalization and underdevelopment.

For his part, Mohamed El-Amin Durk, chairman of the Supreme Council of Beja Opticals and the Independent Verticals in Sudan, said he was ready to meet with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdo to discuss the crisis.

He refused to give up the opportunity to import goods through Egyptian ports.

Protesters in East Sudan have demanded the abolition of the “East Route” included in the peace agreement, blocking key facilities, including ports and roads, and dissolving the civilian government, the country’s military leaders have said.

Tensions between the military and civilians in Sudan have risen amid criticism leveled by military leaders against political leaders in the wake of the September 21 coup attempt.

Since August 21, 2019, Sudan has been living a 53-month interim period, ending with elections in early 2024, during which power was shared by the military, civilian forces and armed movements, which signed a peace agreement with the government on October 3, 2020.

This period began on April 11, 2019, following the ouster of Omar al-Bashir from the presidency (1989-2019) under the pressure of popular uprisings against his rule.

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