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Suffering from insomnia? This fruit helps you sleep at night


Suffering from insomnia? This fruit helps you sleep at night

“Kiwifruit has been a staple in many people’s bedtime routines for years, and science supports kiwifruit’s value as a sleep aid.”

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A recent study found that eating fruit at night can help a person sleep and relax, and “kiwi” fruit can act as a “hypnotist” for a person, so experts recommend eating it at night to help sleep.

Doctors say lack of sleep can lead to a myriad of mental and physical problems like insulin resistance, high blood pressure, and weight gain, so it’s no wonder we’re always looking for ways to get more rest.

According to a recent clinical study, Pet Kingdom ordered, andPublished on many news websites Al Arabiya

A spokesperson for the research team said: ‘Kiwifruit has been a staple of many people’s bedtime routines for years, and science supports the value of kiwifruit as a sleep aid.


Research has shown that kiwi fruit can help improve sleep quality, sleep duration, and sleep efficiency.

“Kiwifruit contains high levels of serotonin and antioxidants, as well as vitamins such as folic acid and B vitamins, which can help treat sleep disorders and reset your sleep schedule,” the spokesperson added.

In addition to eating kiwis, researchers say those who want a good night’s sleep should stop consuming caffeine ten hours before bedtime, as caffeine, found in coffee and soft drinks, takes ten hours to leave the bloodstream.

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A person should do this on a regular basis to reduce the chances of restless sleep. The spokesperson added: “Regularity is very helpful in maintaining a healthy sleep schedule as it allows your body to more easily align with the circadian rhythm.”

A regular bedtime and wake-up time will help keep the body consistent, giving you better chances of getting seven to nine hours of good quality sleep a night.

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