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The Ministry of Health is organizing the second awareness seminar on Oral Health Care for Elderly


The Ministry of Public Health, along with its partners in the health sector, organized the second series of awareness seminars on oral health care for the elderly, targeting human doctors, dentists, dental assistants and nurses. Qatar to intensify oral and dental health awareness in the country.

Several doctors from Hamad Medical Corporation and Primary Health Care Corporation delivered various lectures during the seminar, during which they focused on the importance of maintaining oral and dental health for the elderly. Because it improves their general health.

Symposium participants were introduced to the importance of oral health care for the elderly through patient-centered health care and the need for physicians, nurses, dentists and other medical professionals to collaborate as a team to achieve better outcomes. Oral health for this important part of the society.

Dr. Golood Al-Mutawa, Head of Non-Communicable Diseases at the Ministry of Public Health, said: The seminar will include important awareness lectures aimed at medical and paramedical staff working directly with the elderly working in the public and private sectors. With the aim of raising awareness and intensifying the maintenance of the oral and dental health of the elderly, in accordance with the special care provided by the health department to this group in the community, within the framework of the commitment of the Ministry of Public Health to provide appropriate health care to each person in the community according to their situation.

He added that seminars would be organized from time to time four times a year. It is aimed at maximizing the benefit of medical staff especially after the first seminar held last March succeeded in achieving its objectives.

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In turn, Dr. Wafa Al-Mulla, oral and dental hygienist at the Ministry of Public Health and director of the seminar, emphasized the importance of focusing on oral care, especially the dental health of the elderly. The elderly are required to wear full or partial dentures and various oral appliances.Indicates the relationship between the oral health of the elderly and the incidence of some common diseases such as diabetes and other diseases.

The symposium will highlight the latest scientific developments in how to treat oral and dental diseases in the elderly, how to make medical referrals between different specialties when needed, and explain the relationship between oral health and some common diseases in the elderly. It reviewed the efforts of Hamad Medical Institute in providing health services to the elderly. and dental services, provided by the Corporation to the elderly through joint collaboration between all medical specialties in the Corporation.

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