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Summary and goals of the Benfica match against Barcelona in the Champions League .. Video



ملخص وأهداف مباراة بنفيكا ضد برشلونة فى دوري أبطال أوروبا.. فيديو

The Portuguese team, Benfica, combined with both teams at the “Al-Nour” Stadium in the second round of Group E, without winning by three goals over its Spanish guest Barcelona. Team status of the Champions League for the current season.

After losing to Bayern Munich in the first round at the Camp Nou Stadium, Barcelona suffered their second consecutive defeat in the Champions League this season.

Uruguay striker Darwin Nunes scored Benfica’s first goal in the third minute.

After Antonio da Silva scored with Stuttgart in 125 seconds in 2007, it was Nunes’ second conceded goal by Barcelona 133 seconds later.

Dutchman Luke de Jong missed two guaranteed goals for Barcelona in the first half.

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman removed yellow card defender Gerrard Pique in the 32nd minute and replaced him with young midfielder Jaff.

In the second half, Portuguese international Rafa Silva added Benfica’s second goal in the 69th minute, before Nunes’ return and a third in the 79th minute through a penalty.

Barcelona defender Eric Garcia was sent off in the 87th minute with two yellow cards.


Barcelona are last in the Champions League Group E table without any points, while Benfica are second with a tie against Dynamo Kiev in the first round with 4 points and a win over Barcelona..

In today’s match he lost to Barcelona, ​​due to the injury of Jordi Alba and Usman Temple.

In the same group, the German team Bayern Munich had a big victory over its Ukrainian teammate Dynamo Kiev, leading the group with five goals in two consecutive wins and six points..

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Goalkeeper: Der Stegen

Security line: Arazo – Big – Eric Garcia – Test

Midfield: Busquets, Frankie de Zong, Sergei Roberto

Forward: Pedri – Memphis Depay – Luke de Jong

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Emirates News Agency – Al-Tayara agrees to increase the size of the women’s league squad in the new season



Emirates News Agency – Al-Tayara agrees to increase the size of the women’s league squad in the new season

DUBAI, September 28 / WAM / The Emirates Volleyball Federation has announced that the number of women’s teams has increased to 12 for the new season, which will begin with the Women’s Volleyball General League on November 11.
Noura Al-Hamar, head of the Women’s and School Volleyball Committee of the Volleyball Federation, confirmed that in line with the Federation’s strategic plan, it aims to expand the base of women’s participation, raise the level of the game and support national rankings. Teams The federation agreed to increase the number of teams to 12 women’s teams instead of 10 last season.
He said: “The federation received several requests from private clubs and academies to join the women’s volleyball event and after studying and meeting a set of standards to ensure the discipline of the competition, it was approved to increase its number to 12. status, and raising the status of all women players for the benefit of the team.
He explained that the participating teams will be divided into 3 groups and 4 teams in each group will compete in two round-robin rounds and the first and second teams in each group will qualify for the second round. The league system determines the positions from 1st to 6th, and the other teams compete in another round to determine the ranking.7 to 12.
He pointed out that the tournament will be suspended in January 2024 to allow the Al Wasl and Sharjah women’s sports teams the opportunity to prepare to participate in the Arab Club Championship in its seventh edition, which will begin on February 2, 2024.

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Ahmad al-Boutli/Walid Farooq

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Emirates News Agency – Al Hamriya swimmer Hamad Al Shehi praises Sharjah Sports Council’s support



Emirates News Agency – Al Hamriya swimmer Hamad Al Shehi praises Sharjah Sports Council’s support

Sharjah, September 27 / WAM / Hamad Youssef Al Shehi, a swimmer from Al Hamriya Cultural and Sports Club, thanked the Sharjah Sports Council for its support and sponsorship for participating in preparatory camps and competitions. The pride of joining the national team and his utmost efforts to realize his dream of participating in the Olympic Games.

After Al Shehi participated in the recently held Tunisian Open Championships, he won a silver medal in the 100m race while also winning a gold medal in the 50m freestyle race.

Al Shehi said it was a positive participation in all aspects as he benefited greatly from interacting with the champion swimmers in training and competitions, stressing that his current numbers are only a milestone in reaching the best and most important in his sporting career. Through international representation.

Al Shehi expressed his gratitude to the Sharjah Sports Council for including him in the prize-winning program and providing him the necessary support and participation in the Tunisian camp and championship. Al Hamria thanked the club for providing all the facilities and skills to achieve more victories. championships.

For his part, Mohammed Obaid Al-Hussan, director of the council’s sports affairs and development department, confirmed that Al-Shehi is one of the most promising swimmers in the 14-year-old category and holds the state record for 13. In the 50m freestyle age category, he is one of the most talented and promising players in the Emirate of Sharjah and a bright future awaits him, especially if he continues to improve his position. Through vigorous training and competitions.

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Ahmed al-Boutli

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surprise | “An illegal deal between Al-Ittihad and Al-Fayha threatens the legitimacy of competition in the league.”



surprise |  “An illegal deal between Al-Ittihad and Al-Fayha threatens the legitimacy of competition in the league.”

Legal wonder about Al-Fayha and Al-Ittihad competition in league competition


Sports law expert Ahmad Al-Sheikhi expressed great surprise at the decision to “move” the stadium for the Al-Fayha and Al-Ittihad match as part of the eighth round of the Saudi Roshen Professional League.

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The Saudi Professional League’s competition committee has announced approval to “move” the match between Al-Fayha and Al-Ittihad from the Al Majma Stadium to the King Fahd International Stadium in the capital Riyadh at 6pm next Friday. , instead of four o’clock in the afternoon on the same day. This happened after the agreement between the two clubs.

In this context, Al-Sheikhi said on his official account on the “X” site on Wednesday that the decision to “move” the stadium for the Al-Fayha and Al-Ittihad match was illegal.

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The referee of the game pointed out that the regulations did not allow the stadium to be “moved” for any match as the agreement between the two clubs or to achieve financial income for one of them or the flights implied.

He explained that the terms specified “moved” the field for any match; Among the following: “Compel public interest, not private interest.”

Ahmad Al-Sheikhi insisted.Changing matches due to the agreement between the two clubs may conflict with the integrity of the competition, especially in the decisive rounds at the end of the league.

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It is noteworthy that Al-Ittihad Club’s first football team leads the Saudi Roshan Professional League 2023-2024 table with 18 points, and is only one point behind the “runner-up” Al-Hilal.

Shahid 1920*700 August 2023Shahid

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