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The ruler of Sharjah Kalpa examines city plans


Sharjah (Union)

Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member and Ruler of the Supreme Council of Sharjah, inspected several modern development projects in the city of Kalba yesterday.
His high-level research visit has been part of his continued interest in continuing to monitor the workings of modern projects, monitoring their developments and providing faster facilities and services with the best growth witnessed by Emirate. It includes a number of orders directed by his superiors to add to the project a better aesthetic character of the designs and projects and to provide more services to the rest after its implementation.

  • The ruler of Sharjah examines the plans

Seedlings from the nursery at El Badi Palace also explained to his superiors about the plan of the new road leading to the rest house, which made his protocol more streamlined and did not focus on providing greater levels of safety and security. Seedlings include 300 seedlings of four varieties of apples, 300 seedlings of three varieties of pears, 300 seedlings of two varieties of cherry, 300 seedlings of two apricots, 200 seedlings of four peaches, 300 seedlings of five varieties of legumes. Three fig seedlings, and 220 almond seedlings “Bedum”, 160 seedlings of two walnut crops, 100 seedlings of 300 leaf varieties, 300 seedlings of four varieties of roses, 400 seedlings of pomegranate seedlings, 30 seedlings of olive and 30 seedlings of fashion fruit.
The new ruler of Sharjah, Kalpa Corniche, also explored the construction of many modern projects, informing his superiors of the locations of new projects and directing integrated services and facilities into social, cultural, tourism and sport.

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