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Summary of the first chapter of the story “Talk by Tahab” … Ferial Ashraf’s dream and Hedaya Malak’s rest | News


The “TMC” channel began airing the story “Delha Tahab”, the ninth and final of the second season of the “Ela Ana” series.

The chapter begins by noting that work events are inspired by the stories of real heroes, while some events and individuals are transformed to maintain privacy and provide a unique theatrical creation.

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In the first scenes, the Egyptian Hedia Malak, played by Sarah Abdel Rahman, appears to have won the bronze medal at the Taekwondo Championships at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, and the joy of coaching and Egyptian work appeared entirely in the role of “Abdul Rahman”, as well as Hasim and Ihab Trying to connect them.

According to wrestler Samar Hamza, he plays the role of Hala al-Sayyid, who appears in the role of a spontaneous and happy woman who competed in the Olympics for the fifth time, but she has not yet won, and she has suffered. Family rejection because she wrestles about her personal life, so she returns with work, finds no one waiting for her at the airport, and when she returns home, her father asks her, “Do you enjoy traveling? ”Then,“ When are you getting married ?! ”, noting the family’s indifference to what the daughter is doing, Samar ends the conversation in her usual happy style.

According to Hind Abdel Halim’s iconic Ferial Ashraf, he watches Hetaya Malak’s competition at the Olympics, but on the television screen with his family, he is very happy to have won the medal. She then dresses up in karate, goes out with an Egyptian medal and tells her family that winning a medal at the Olympics is her life’s dream, so her brother jokes that karate was not included in the Olympics in the first place, but asks her parents not to lose faith in her.

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The mother, Manal Salama, goes out with her daughter Farial and distributes some food to the neighbors and those in need.

At the end of the episode, after Hedya returns to Egypt, he prepares to deliver a speech at his first conference, during which he confirms that he expects more matches, but he is surprised by Samar Hamza’s call. As news of his retirement spread, Hedia was surprised because he had not decided to retire, but rather sought to continue the march.

The story of “Talk by Dahab” highlights the biographies of three Olympic champions, Hedia Malak, Fariyal Ashraf and Samar Hamza, and the heroines in the story are Hind Abdel Halim, Sarah Abdel Rahman and Hala Al Saeed.

The series co-stars Manal Salamah, Fedra, Yasser Ali Maher, Sharif Helmi, Majeed Abbas and Samir Badir, and the idea and story of writer Yusri al-Faqrani was written by Ahmed Yusri and directed by Hassan Kamal.

Actress Hend Abdel Halim plays Faryal Ashraf, the gold medalist in the women’s over 61 kg karate event at the recent Tokyo Olympics. Wrestling personality is the epitome of Samar Hamza.

Notably, “TMC” has shown stories over the past few weeks such as “Beat Is”, “With Paper and Pen”, “Without Guarantee”, “On the Margin” and “My Story with Time”. “The Trace Remains”, “Taste of the World” and “Dream”. my life”.

The story airs on DMC at exactly eight o’clock at night, repeats at two in the morning and twelve at noon, and is shown on “TMC Drama” at eleven. In the evening, it would come back at eight in the morning and four in the evening.

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