May 30, 2023

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Sun Downs deepens Al-Ahly's "Africa" ​​crisis and "shocks him" for a second time

Sun Downs deepens Al-Ahly’s “Africa” ​​crisis and “shocks him” for a second time

The South African Sun Downs team repeated their victory over Egypt’s Al-Ahly, and beat them 1-0 in the fourth round of the first group match of the African Champions League today.

The Sun Downs owe this victory to its player Peter Shaluli, who scored the only goal in the 23rd minute of the match.

With this decision, the Sun Downs increased their score to ten points and came close to qualifying for the quarter-finals, while al-Ahly’s draw was second to Sudan al-Hilal’s with four points. And al-Marik teams.

The start of the match came to a normal level and Al-Ahly bought the ball in the first minutes of the match as its players relied on short passes but could not pose any danger on goal.

The Sun Downs players, on the other hand, hoped to minimize breaks when launching attacks whenever he had the chance, however he too failed to pose any danger to al-Ahly’s goal and limited the game to midfield.

The game was limited to the center of the pitch until the 22nd minute, when the Sun Downs saw the goal almost scored, with Muthubi Mavala hitting a powerful ball from outside the penalty area, hitting the head of Al Ahly defender Yasser Ibrahim on the crossbar. And goes out for a corner kick.

In the 23rd minute, the Sun Downs declared with a clean goal and the ball bounced into the penalty area before it was caught in the penalty area by Peter Shaloli.

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