March 25, 2023

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Sunday and Monday are official holidays in the Sultanate of Oman due to the weather

The Sultans of Oman announced that Sundays and Mondays, October 3 and 4, are official holidays for government executives and employees working in other legal entities and private sector companies. According to the Oman News Agency, the exceptional weather conditions observed by the Sultanates.

The Omani Meteorological Agency has warned of a first-degree hurricane “Shaheen” centered northeast of the Arabian Sea and is centered about 500 km off the coast of Sultanate (Ras Al Hot). For yesterday’s ratings.

The hurricane is expected to move from Muscat Governorate to northern Al Badina Governorate as it moves towards the Sultanate coast, where it is likely to pass on Sunday evening, October 3, 2021 (Shaheen). 600 mm leads to severe flooding in the valleys, and the sea gradually, starting tomorrow evening, Saturday, with severe fury on the Sultanate beach, extending from the southern Al Sharqia governorate to the Musandam governorate. The elevation ranges from 8-12 meters to 3-5 meters with sea level rise and infiltration to the ground and the rest of the sultanate’s rough seas.

The Omani Civil Aviation Authority warned of Hurricane Shaheen and issued its warning number (1):

Recent satellite images and analysis by the National Center for Early Warning show a number of hazards ranging from tropical cyclone “Shaheen” to a tropical cyclone. It is currently at a latitude of 4 23 degrees and a longitude of 63.5 degrees, and continues its movement toward the Sultanate coast overlooking the Oman Sea, with the epicenter of the tropical cyclone about 500 km from Muscat Governorate and the nearest total cloud around 350 km. The speed is estimated at 64 to 82 knots (118-151 km / h).

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The tropical cyclone may continue to move towards the governor of Muscat north of the governor of Al Badina, and the Civil Aviation Authority is urging everyone to be extra vigilant and cautious.