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Surprise .. Ahmed Bathi who participated in “Ramez Movie Star” despite performing open heart surgery | News


The artist hosted Ahmed Bathi on Monday’s episode of MBC Egypt’s Dumps show “Ramez Movie Star” sparked criticism from pioneers on social media, with Ahmed Fathi undergoing open heart surgery several years ago.

Ahmed Fathi faced difficult situations while hosting the show, especially when he realized that the car would fall on him from the bridge where the big crocodile is in the lake and his sense of fear reached the point of uttering two testimonies. .

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Ahmed Fathi came out of the naughtiness almost speechless and rebuked the show’s host artiste Rameez Jalal: “You are satisfied with this.

Ahmed Fathi had previously participated in the Ramadan Jalal Ramadan performances on the show “Rames Underground” in 2017. Shortly afterwards, he underwent open heart surgery and Rames contacted him and apologized for checking him out. For the humorous comments he made about him on the show.

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Ahmed Fathi talked about the heart problems he suffers from in more than one TV interview, and linked them to Jamalek’s successive failures because he is a fan of the club.

In the first comment of Rames Jalal after hosting Ahmed Fathi on “Ramez Movie Star”, Rames posted a photo of them from his episode on his Instagram account and he wrote in the comment: “Ahmed Fathi left us. Thank God. Security.”

The idea of ​​this year’s “Ramez Movie Star” show revolves around forcing a guest or guest to take part in an action movie, and stars international star Jean-Claude Van Damme as the hero facing them with the attack of the lake. Residents, and at the event hosting a football player, he is inspired to take part in the promotion for a great product.

Guests are then chased by residents of the lake by motorcycles and cars, subjected to numerous explosions and difficult situations while escaping in a cart, and they are intimidated by Rames Jalal, who secretly replaces the van dam with a snake. Eventually the car comes to a halt on the edge of a metal bridge that hangs over a lake, with a terrifying crocodile in it.

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