May 29, 2023

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Sustainable Health – What is advised not to disclose between spouses?

A recent study reveals thatAbout the secrets of a happy marriage

Having more than one TV set and knowing each other’s phone passwords is one of the secrets to a happy marriage, say researchers..

He found a comprehensive study 2000 Among couples who have been married 10 years or more, 38% think they are “very happy” with each other.

Research results show that timely apology and mutual trust between spouses are two of the most important conditions for the success of a marriage.

he said 46% This is especially important from husbands, and being diplomatic is another important thing, she emphasized 42% It is important that participants accept differences of opinion.

Research shows that spouses having separate hobbies, pets and Netflix accounts are also a requirement for a successful marriage. 41% Couples emphasize the importance of kissing in any successful marital relationship.

Among other things that the study participants focused on, 38% listened to their partner and 34% said there were no secrets between them.%By 26, when an argument broke out, they left and avoided going to sleep%

For one-fifth of couples, having more than one TV set at home is essential, as is knowing mobile phone passwords.

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