March 31, 2023

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Zahrat Al Khaleej – “Netflix” Releases Its First Arabic Movies .. Mona Jackie Attracts Attention

#Arabic Celebrity

“Netflix” introduced its first cinematic production through its “Netflix” site, the first Arab film to be produced, and titled “Friends and Lovers”, in the presence of its stars on the red carpet, as they took souvenirs. The photos overwhelmed them amidst much joy.
The “Netflix” site account, via Instagram, revealed photos taken by the stars who attended the event, which included: Mona Saki, Yod Nasser, Adele Karam, Nadine Labaki, George Kabas, Diamond Abu About and Fawad Yammin, and Wissam on his first directing experience Film directed by Samira.

Mona Jackie caught her attention by appearing in a long black velvet dress with long sleeves, exposed shoulders and side slits, leaving her hair touching her shoulders and applying dark lipstick.
Mona Jackie’s dress, photos of which were circulated by her fans on social media, were signed by costume designer Sandy Noor, which turned out to be worth $ 1,600.

Also “Friends and Dear” is the first Arabic film produced by Netflix, and is the Arabic version of the famous international film “Perfect Strangers”, and events revolve around seven friends who decide to meet and play for dinner. If everyone puts their mobile phones on the dinner table and offers that everyone knows all the new messages or calls, the game which was initially fun and interesting will soon turn into a barrage of scandals and secrets. Someone knows, including close friends.
This marks the 19th edition of the Italian film “Perfect Stranger”, which has a record number of copies worldwide, with a total of 18 copies.

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