May 30, 2023

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Swamini is the fourth most expensive player in Real Madrid history

Swamini is the fourth most expensive player in Real Madrid history

Spanish and European football champions Real Madrid have announced the signing of Monaco’s young French international midfielder Aurelian Swamini for six seasons, in a statement on their official websites on Saturday, making it the fourth most expensive contract in state team history.
“Real Madrid and Monaco have agreed to replace Aurelian Swamini, who will join the club for the next six seasons,” the club wrote.
The 22-year-old must sign a contract and undergo a medical examination before being submitted Tuesday afternoon.
Swamini, 22, became the second player to join the Royal Club after Chelsea’s German defender Antonio Rudiger.
The French player Paris Saint-Germain wanted to join the European champions rather than go to the French champions, and he expressed interest in signing him.
The midfielder’s talent exploded with Monaco in January 2020 after leaving Bordeaux for 20 million, and he played 11 games and scored one goal.
Swamini has played in the last three matches of the European Nations League, which he holds in a draw 1-2 against Croatia, 1-1 and Croatia 1-1 and Austria 1-1, winning the title of the last edition.
According to press reports, Monaco will receive மில்லியன் 80 million for the deal, with an incentive of மில்லியன் 20 million, 10 per cent of which will go to Bordeaux, according to an agreement signed with Monaco two years ago.
The new French star became the fourth most expensive player in Real Madrid history, with Belgian Eden Hazard moving செல் 115 million from Chelsea in 2019, and Welshman Gareth Bale moved from Tottenham to 101 in the summer of Tottenham in the summer of 2013. Million euros, and Cristiano Ronaldo arrived from Manchester United in the summer of 2009 for 94 million euros.

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