March 29, 2023

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Swedish “Dad” releases its first album in 40 years


Swedish band ABPA released its new album Voyage on Friday, the first band in 40 years to be disbanded.

“ABPA is back with a new album called Voyage,” the band added in a statement on their website.

He pointed out that the album was already available to the public and that it could be heard on Internet music services, as well as on CDs and audio tapes.

Yesterday, the band suspended advertising for the work for 24 hours after two people died in an accident during a band honors ceremony in Sweden.

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Two elderly people were killed in a rare accident in Sweden and a concert was canceled

An octogenarian man with seven tiers apparently crashed during a party in a hall in Uppsala, 70 km north of Stockholm, which led to his death and another visitor hit him on the ground.

The hall was to host the “Thanks for the Music” show. The party is a tribute to the work of two male members of the ABBA, Bjorn Ulvey and Penny Anderson, and includes some of the band’s songs.

In addition to their new album, which was announced in early September, the Swedish band is currently setting up a hall in London, which is scheduled to host a concert featuring a digital portrait of the band’s four members from May 2022. .

The format of these avatars, designed by Visual Effects, who previously worked on the “Star Wars” films, is not yet known, but the band insists that it is not just for hologram characters.

These incarnations, known as the “Abadars” (word for “Aba” and “Avatar”), are expected to be similar to the four members of the 1979 Agnetta Falkstock, Bjorn Ulvais, Penny Anderson and Annie-Fried Lingstad.

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Source: Agencies