May 30, 2023

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Tabaiba seeks to adjourn an accountable meeting in parliament

Al-Bayan has learned that Prime Minister Abdel Hamid al-Tabaiba, the prime minister of the Libyan National Unity Government, is trying to postpone his parliamentary term.

According to informed sources, Tabaiba may miss the session, urging him to hold it in Dobruk on Monday, especially in light of the widespread light of calls to change the session as an opportunity to regain the confidence of the government.

The Libyan House of Representatives said last Sunday that “the government has been summoned to a hearing on Monday, August 30, to appear before the House of Representatives in the House of Representatives in Dobrook.” “Taken on the basis of a memorandum submitted by several members of the House of Representatives.” House of Representatives, including many observations on the performance of government.

Meanwhile, 27 delegates from the eastern region signed a statement withdrawing confidence from the Tabayba government, accusing it of “manipulating the eastern regions in the language of punishment and defeat.”

The statement said, “Considering the political divisions that the country is going through, there is a shadow over all state institutions. “Further division of institutions in order for the government to remain in power,” the statement said: “The House of Representatives has returned to political dialogue. The United Nations has funded the expulsion of the country from all quarters.


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