March 25, 2023

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Taekwondo team arrives in Turkey to participate in “Islamic Unity” event.

Representatives of the National Taekwondo Team arrived in Konya, Turkey to participate in the fifth edition of the Islamic Unity Games to be held by Konya from next Tuesday to the 18th of this year.

The national taekwondo team is the first Jordanian team to arrive at the athletes’ village in Konya, where other national teams are expected to arrive in the coming days.

The coaches who represented the national team in the tournament were: Muhammad Al-Baqid, Ayman Al-Husami, and Uday Obidad, and the men’s team players: Louwe Humaidan (Weight-54 kg), Mahmoud Al-Daraira (Weight-58 kg), Ward Abu Shakra (Weight- 63 kg) and Abdullah Ayyad (weight -68 kg), Omar Al-Helo (weight -74 kg), Zaid Yasin (-80 kg), Fahad Ammar (weight -87 kg) and Anas Darwish (weight +87 kg).

Women’s Team: Bisan Abed Rabo (Weight -46kg), Jana Abdel Rahim (Weight -49kg), Bana Daraghmeh (Weight -53kg), Yara Yassin (Weight -57kg), Lin Al Rawashteh (Weight -62kg) and Jonah al-Sadiq (weight -67 kg), Rama Abu al-Rab (weight -73 kg) and Sarah Abu al-Haj (weight +73 kg).

The national team will start their participation in the Konya tournament next Tuesday with the following players: Bana Darakmeh, Yara Yassin, Loi Humaidan and Mahmoud Al-Tarare.

Taekwondo participation continues on Wednesday with Jana Abdel Rahim, Jonah Al Sadiq, Ward Abu Shakra and Abdullah Ayyad.

And in Thursday’s matches: Bizan Abed Rabbo, Rama Abu Al-Rub, Zaid Yassin and Fahad Ammar.

The National Taekwondo Team will end its participation next Friday, players: Lin Al-Rawashdeh, Sarah Abu Al-Haj, Omar Al-Helo and Anas Darwish.

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It is noteworthy that Jordanian Taekwondo has not missed any of the past Islamic Unity Games and has won 13 medals including 3 gold, one silver and 9 bronze medals during the previous 3 editions.