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Whenever I see science books in the best sellers section in Europe and the US, I’m sorry for the books on science culture in Egypt, which do not sell dozens of copies because there is no customer for science in Egypt. Etc. I know why these people progressed and we left. I know why the eyes of Mustajir, Mustafa Fami, Ahmed Shaqi, Samir Hannah Sadiq. When I read the book “Words about Science” written by my friend Dr., everyone who was immersed in science culture and immersed in science culture was delighted. Same Morkos, published by Dar al-Mahroosa, I adore its owner Farid Zahran for the courage to face this task, which has become like arresting hot coal at this time, the task of facilitating scientific culture, Dr. Sam Morkos, with his scientific background as a professor of radiology in Sheffield, and with his various cultural interests, wrote this book with love and interest as a young man who went to learn more about these science topics and suppressed hunger.

It stimulates the gland of curiosity and the desire for knowledge, so that each of us overcomes his laziness in searching for the source of the blessings that surround him because of science.

Look around us d. Same in all aspects of science, not in the form of a preaching guide that gives the answer, but in the spirit of the researcher who listens with us, he talked in the book about the universe and the galaxies and how the universe started and how do black holes and stars die? What happened from evolution until it reached the vast and infinite universe on our planet, only a drop in the ocean of science, physics, and strange and mysterious quantum physics?

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As for the most beautiful chapters of the book, they are all elements of evolution, the story of the play of creatures, including drama, conflict, rivalry and ascent … The similarity of genes in organisms. The relationship of the hippopotamus to the whale and the fish, the resemblance of the human embryo to the pig, Dr. Mark, your knowledge that man is of ape descent, and this illusion they accuse of doctrine, has become an undeniable fact because it reveals the weakness of their beliefs and pulls the rod of power from the clergy, and how he affects the field of evolutionary theory medicine and biology in science and practice, now We see how “Govit” transforms the virus, which demonstrates the ingenuity, physiology and genius of the great biologist “Darwin”. In history. Encountering all the ridicule of the great world and the clergy with experience and being charred by their efforts, he spoke of the Jews “Solk”, the owner of the polio vaccine, and the “Shinashi”, the owner of Sowaldi. How humane is it for a man to refuse to take a dollar for his patent? The most beautiful gifts of existence about science and science.

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