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“Tariq al-Ashri”, the spoiled coach of “Jose” and the record holder with the border guards


Vanguard officials have decided to appoint Tariq al-Ashri, the team’s technical director, in the future, following Ahmed Abdel Aziz’s, who has temporarily taken over technical responsibility since Abdel Hamid Pacioni’s retired from coaching the military team..

Leading Army officials decided to create a sub-instrument for the Tenth Squadron to train a military team consisting of Mahmoud Atta, General Coach Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Coach Dr. Abdel Halim Kamel, and Load Planner Syed Al Swerki. Police Coach, Brigadier Ahmed Mahdi, Football Director, Yusri Erfan, Managing Director and Mohammad Mukhtar, Players Affairs Director.

The training career of Tariq al-Ashri came as follows: border guards, NPP, Emirati people, Arab contractors, Sudan Crescent, Wadi Tigris, Al-Masri Club and Tala al-Jaish.

Tariq al-Ashri is considered one of the most experienced coaches in the Egyptian Premier League, and the former coach of the Al-Ahly team, the Portuguese Manuel Jose, has always encouraged him and praised the way he played. Through his period of cohabitation with him, he saw him as one of the most trusted coaches in the Egyptian league.

Regarding his relationship with Jose, al-Ashri said in previous television reports: “When I was a border security coach, I hired Jose to live with him.

Al-Ashri added that Jose had asked about me when I was not cooperating and that he had not asked about me when he had to talk to his soldiers about some special details. This system also includes players, assistants, management and dressing room staff.

He explained that the year he spent al-Ahly’s cohabitation with Jose, he succeeded in performing better than him in the 16th round of the Egypt Cup, and that his instruction and coaching experience helped me to transition the guard from the area of ​​honor. Competition area.

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