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To extend your life by 5 years.. follow this method


A recent study found that adopting five sleep habits can add five years to your life.CNN“.

And he pointed out that, on average, sleep habits can increase by five years in men’s life and about two and a half years in women’s life.

“If people have optimal sleep behaviors, they are more likely to live longer,” said Dr. Frank Keane of Harvard University.

“If we can improve sleep habits in general and identify sleep disorders in particular, we can prevent some premature deaths,” he added.

The initial study, presented Thursday at the Cardiologists’ Annual Meeting, analyzed data from more than 172,000 people who answered sleep questions between 2013 and 2018.

The study found that men who followed basic sleep habits were on average 4.7 years older than those with sleep disorders, and women with healthy sleep habits were 2.4 years older than those with sleep disorders.

Healthy sleep habits

The study identified five basic sleep habits: falling asleep easily, staying asleep, getting eight hours of sleep, avoiding sleeping pills, and waking up relaxed.

The report shows that healthy sleep habits start with getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night without the use of sleeping pills, which may be difficult for some people, as data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that one in three Americans suffer from it. Sleep Disorders Sleep.

And you need to do more than just lie in bed for long periods of time, because you need frequent uninterrupted and restful sleep.

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The report recommends resting at least five days a week.

For better sleep.. How does your brain stop thinking at night?

Many people face a problem during sleep, as soon as they lie in bed, thoughts start coming to you, usually with worries about a career or the future, which makes it impossible for your mind to rest.

Research shows that going to bed and waking up at the same time most days, even on weekends, can train your brain to get “good sleep.”

And make sure you have a somewhat “optimal” sleep environment by keeping noise down and avoiding alcohol before bed, and you can try meditation, yoga, or a warm bath before bed.

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