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Tetrabag launches awareness campaign on sustainable solutions to achieve a better future – economy – UAE economy


Tetra Bagh, the world’s leading provider of packaging and food processing solutions, strives to be a leader in delivering and achieving sustainable solutions for customers and consumers, both inside and outside the industry.

This aspect is in line with the company’s foundation by setting clear goals for a sustainable future that will achieve 100% renewable packaging by 2030 and carbon neutral by 2050.

Sources responsible for sustainability include reduced carbon footprint, renewable materials, recycling and reuse.

As part of its march towards a stable world, Tetra Bagh has launched the “Choose Nature” campaign. Garden Selection, ”aims to draw attention to climate challenges, encourage people to learn more about the environmental impact of food packaging, and highlight Tetra Pak’s efforts to address these issues. Tetra Bagh was recently named one of the Top 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders, based on its recently named work.

By 2050, the world population is expected to reach 9.1 billion, which will require a 70% increase in food availability. The packaging industry helps keep food safe, nutritious and accessible.

While 33% of food waste is lost or wasted annually, high-performance packaging plays a key role in the current global food delivery system. Tetra Bagh believes that sustainable food processing and packaging solutions will make a difference, feeding the growing population while at the same time helping to mitigate climate change and alleviate other environmental concerns.

Tetra Bagh collaborates with many key players across the value chain, with more than 170 recycling operations worldwide, to improve the entire recycling value chain. By strengthening the global infrastructure for carton recycling, the company will be able to ensure that cartons are transformed into new raw materials and products while at the same time retaining valuable resources to help achieve a round economy.

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Niles Hugard, General Manager, Tetra Pak for the Arab Region, said, “Food packaging plays a vital role in feeding the world. As part of our efforts to reduce, we consider the life cycle perspective of our solutions.

“We are looking for opportunities in the entire recycling value chain to improve how cartons are recycled. We consider our primary duty to support the packaging, sorting and recycling. We are in the middle of a long journey to improve and measure carton recycling, which helps make the world more consistent food packaging.

We work with our customers and partners to promote consumer participation in recycling. It is also worth noting that in Saudi Arabia, we formed the first recycling partnership in the region with OPI “Obeikan Paper Industries” to recycle paper from post-consumer cartons.

OPI manages waste throughout the company and is ready to work on projects that will increase collection and contribute to a sustainable recycling value chain. In addition, another recycling partnership was formed with STP “Saudi Summit Factory for Plastics”, the leading plastic recycling plant in the region.

Its purpose is to recycle the remaining plastic and aluminum residues from OPI’s carton recycling. STP has more than 15 years of experience in its field, with the capacity to recycle 50,000 tons of plastic annually. All of these improvements come together to ensure that our packaging can be fully recycled.

70% of Tetra Bagh cartons are lined with fiberglass cardboard. Tetra Bagh operates under FSC-certified volunteer consistency, and all paperboard it uses is 100% FSC certified.

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This means that all forests, which are the primary source of raw materials for paperboard production, are managed to preserve biodiversity and ensure regeneration. The company is increasing the proportion of cartons in its packaging and is continuing its efforts to ensure that the raw materials for production come from responsible and sustainable sources.


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