August 15, 2022

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The "Al Owais Film Festival" will be showing "Chromosome" next Friday

The “Al Owais Film Festival” will be showing “Chromosome” next Friday

The Sultan Bin Ali Al Owais Cultural Foundation is organizing the screening of the Emirati film “Chromosome” in Dubai next Friday evening, in the presence of the film’s author and director, artist Ali Jamal, and several staff.
Starring Ali Jamal, Abdullah Saeed bin Haider, Noora Al-Abed, Adel Ibrahim, Saif Mansour and many more, the film revolves around a structure of suspense, suspense and mystery, and is produced for Emirates Films Artistic Productions. It was screened in local theaters in March / March 2020 and was well received by the cinema audience.
Director Ali Jamal says: “The (chromosome) is a component of the pigment, and the human genes that interfere with the genetic make-up of his body and behavior. Speaks, so we are surprised by unexpected events, and hidden personalities appear different than they were.
It took about two years to prepare the film, write the screenplay, prepare for the shooting and select the cast, technology and production team, and the chromosome to be ready for viewing; Artist Abdullah bin Haider plays the role of Yasser, a poor young man who shares the tricky task of dealing with the harsh circumstances of his life with his friend Ibrahim.
Actress Noora Ayd, who plays Hind in the film, says: “The character is confused between good and evil.
It is noteworthy that last October (Al Owais Film Club) launched its operations, the first such experience in the field that the Al Owais Cultural Foundation generally offers to its supporters. During the club, simple and independent endeavors to showcase rich talents in the fields of photography, photography, screenwriting or film criticism produced with individuals.

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