June 7, 2023

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المعجم التاريخي يؤرخ للألفاظ العربية واستعمالها عبر العصور. أرشيفية

The author establishes a generation of writers interested in “Arabic”

Dr. General Secretary of the Arabic Language Academy in Sharjah. Muhammad Safi al-Mastahanemi emphasized that one cannot speak of the unique reality of the Arabic language apart from improving the conditions of the teachers. The language teacher needs a lot of attention and continuous training, because establishing a loving and passionate teacher in Arabic is efficient in the ways in which it is imparted to students, and generations of writers, linguists and young students will love the Arabic language.

During his participation in the Arabic Language Academy in Sharjah, at a seminar on “Arabic Language: Reality and Ambition” at the Arabic Academy in Khartoum at Al-Neelin University, Dr.

Former Dean of the Arabic Language College of Omdurman Islamic University. The symposium includes an article by Istihar Abdul Rahman Al-Saeed entitled “Arabic: The Crisis of the Mother Tongue” and an article entitled “Development and Bitterness”. In a Lecture on Literary Criticism, “Dr. Azad Ali Mokhtar.

In his intervention through visual communication technology, Al Mosteganemi, His Highness Sheikh Dr., Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of the Arabic Language, especially on the African Continent. Sultan bin Muhammad al-Qasimi noted his concern for the reality and future of the Arabic language. , Pointing out that efforts to strengthen the Arabic language are commendable efforts, especially with the level of solidarity and cooperation between Arabic language academies.

He suggested that organizations, institutions and organizations based on the Arabic language should coordinate their efforts from academies and centers for the Arabic language. Ground language.

Al-Mustaqanemi recommended strengthening concerted efforts to carry out what he described as the “Century Plan”, which receives high-level support from the ruler of Sharjah, is mentioned in the Arabic Dictionary of Languages, and commends the efforts of the Arabic Language Academy. In the hope that these efforts will bear fruit, Khartoum is credited with the great project of describing the history of Arabic words and their use over time in contributing to the success of this project.

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