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The author of “The Great Awe” reveals the secret of the phrase “a carrot and its smash a donkey” (video).


Mustafa Chakr, one of the authors of the series “Al-Kabeer Oy 6”, revealed the secret of the phrase “a carrot and its cat are a donkey”, which was repeated by artist Ahmed Makki from the first part.

When Saqr appeared on the Egyptian channel “ON E” on “A Final Word”, he pointed out that the secret of the sentence belonged to the dialect editor Hassan al-Kenavi.

“Zakr” described Hassan al-Kenavi as a “treasure” who considered him a key partner in the success of episodes of the “Al-Kabeer Avi” series, for his contribution to improving the dialogue and making it unique.

“Chakr”, Al-Gunawi considered the series’ dialogue to be very different, and when I meet people from Saida, it is one of the best Syedi series, and its dialect and expressions are precise. ”

The author concludes: “All the people of Upper Egypt who watched the series loved it.”

A metaphor for 3 characters in a scene

During the show, director Ahmed El-Genti said the appearance of artist Ahmed Maki with more than one character in a scene was one of the hardest things to implement during Ramadan work.

The soldier said, “This detail represents a great difficulty for the actor because he speaks to a character who is not in front of him, expecting her reaction, which causes madness. For example, when Johnny says that.

He added: “Ahmed Makki is very tired in this series because he’s in all the scenes, whether he’s al-Kabeer, Johnny or Hasel, and he has to change the character’s outfit between each performance and the other. But we use the time he changes his clothes to play at the table. , In some scenes we kept the camera intact until the next day.

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He continued, “The series has a large following in the production and production team, costume, make-up and photography, and the style of work I have agreed with Ahmed Mackie since 2007 is Charlie Chaplin’s style. Laughter emanates from writing, paper and the perfect figure.”

About “The Big Oy 6”

It was written for the series “Al Kabeer Oi 6”, which aired last Ramadan season, starring Ahmed Makki, Hisham Ismail, Rahma Ahmed, Mohammad Salam, Baomi Fouad, Laila S Al Arab, Sama Ibrahim and other stars. And the general oversight of the script and dialogue was produced by Mostafa Chakr and Mohamed Is El-Din, Synergy and directed by Ahmed El-Genti.

At the end of the Big Oi 6 series, another episode of the upcoming Ramadan was announced, with the caption “Goodbye to Big Oi Ramadan 2023 Series Part 7”.

The sixth installment of the series was a huge success during the Ramadan race, and its scenes topped the trend several times, especially in the last episodes that saw the launch of the Mazarita Film Festival in its first session.

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