March 25, 2023

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"Twice as much as we thought" .. Global health reveals corona's terrifying effect

“Twice as much as we thought” .. Global health reveals corona’s terrifying effect

This report is a comprehensive study of actual global losses For the virus Who appeared China By late 2019, it had become a global epidemic.

The link system said For the United NationsBy the end of 2021 there will be 14.9 million deaths associated with “Govit-1”.

The number of direct deaths from the virus reported to the World Health Organization by 2020 and the end of December 2021 was more than 5.4 million.

Additional mortality figures reflect the number of deaths from Govt-19 and the number of deaths indirectly as a result of the eruption.

This number also includes those who are unable to access health care for other conditions when health systems are overcrowded during large waves of infection.

The company also calculated deaths avoided during infections, for example, due to the lower risk of traffic accidents during locks.

But the number is higher than the official number of unauthorized deaths in countries affected by deficiencies in the registration process.

The WHO said that even in the pre-epidemic period, 6 out of 10 deaths worldwide were not recorded.

The report points out that nearly half of all unaccounted for deaths are in India, and that 4.7 million people died there as a result of the epidemic, especially in May and June 2021, when the epidemic surged the most.

The WHO team, consisting of international experts who have been processing the data for several months, used a combination of national and local data and statistical models to evaluate the overall results of the data incomplete.

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