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The Babylon Festival captures the hearts of Iraqis … with intense attendance and shining stars


On Thursday evening, the festival began with events inspired by the city’s history Babylon And her king HammurabiThe laws it enacted continue to promote humanity and foster a longing for freedom.

And revived all Kuwait Sun., AndHoney Shaker, AndHetham IraqThe first day of the festival, as well as theatrical performances, will include the inauguration of Hamberbi as king of the Babylonian dynasty, which will continue for several days with the widespread participation of Iraqi and other Arab artists.

Various activities

The festival includes a variety of activities organized by Arab and foreign folk bands, in addition to Babylonian fashion shows, games, free drawing, paragliding activities, Arab and Kurdish balloons and other cultural, literary and artistic performances. .

A few days ago, even cultural and celebrity circles celebrated the most important art event, on social media, through photos and video clips of the festival, emphasizing the potential. Iraq It emphasizes the need for these activities to continue in order to continue to regain its artistic and cultural strength in the Arab arena.

However, this joy is not without its troubles as the “extremist” parties are trying to cancel the international festival, as they, through their influence and some electronic forces on social media, have tried to feed the public opinion with false and misleading information about the festival. It will cover events.

After repeated requests and correspondence with Babylonian Governor Hassan Mondl, who succumbed to these pressures, those responsible for those campaigns failed to cancel the lyrics, but Prime Minister Mustafa al-Qasemi intervened and insisted that the ceremony be held without all paragraphs. The exception, according to press sources.

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Evidence for the return of Iraq

Iraqi art circles said the festival “reflects evidence of the country’s recovery from the series of disasters it has experienced in previous years, and stepped on the path to a gradual recovery from the effects of wars and security tensions.”

Yasser al-Obaidi, a professor at the College of Fine Arts, said, “Despite technical observations, Iraq is a clear step towards regaining its artistic and cultural role and striving for leadership. And ideas and one-sided view cannot be imposed on them.

Al-Obeidi, in his speech to Sky News Arabia, said: , Does not represent the Iraqi view.

This is the first time since 2003 that the Babylon International Festival has been held, blocked by the US invasion and the ensuing security crisis in the country.

A large audience

Audience attendance at the event was significant because the Babylonian theater was packed with various groups from Iraqi society, while others were unable to attend as festival tickets were sold out in many places and governorates.

Despite the technical glitch that occurred when Kuwaiti artist Shams was standing on stage, the audience was enthralled by the number of songs he selected.

When sung by Egyptian artist Honey Shaker for over an hour and a half, many of his songs, including “Beautiful Dream” and “You Are Still Hearing”.

The expatriate artist, Hatem Al-Iraqi, performed a party that lasted more than an hour after midnight, and the audience was overwhelming.

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