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The United Arab Emirates reaffirms its commitment to building a flexible healthcare system


Emirati confirmation came on the sidelines of the ongoing COP26 conference of the parties Glasgow In the UK before the start of the World Health Conference And climate change Organized 2021 World Health Organization And the Global Climate and Health Alliance in partnership with strategic partners.

These statements have come in response to the conference call of the parties to the conference United Nations The COP26 Framework for Climate Change follows meaningful initiatives that support the development of a sustainable health system and adapt to its ongoing actions and steps United Arab Emirates To support the World Health Organization and to address climate change.

The UAE is seeking to host the 28th session of the State Parties Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change COP 28. Abu Dhabi It emphasizes that by 2023, it will work to streamline a comprehensive and successful curriculum that will produce decisive results and conclusions for tackling climate change, especially as the government adopts a comprehensive approach to working in this field. An effective economic system based on key sectors, especially the health sector, considering the direct impact of climate on human health.

In 2019, the UAE conducted a comprehensive state-level study to assess climate risks and their impact on the health sector. Accordingly, the country has launched a national framework on climate change and its implications for health in 2019-2021 in collaboration with the World Health Organization. National Committee for Climate Change and Health, an organization working to develop a national adaptation plan targeting specific sectors.

The UAE is committed to periodically updating studies on the impact of climate change on health and how to adapt to such changes.

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The United Arab Emirates seeks to strengthen measures and measures to address the effects of climate change, especially with increasing Temperatures In an area characterized by hot deserts and high humidity, the Abu Dhabi government has launched a program to ban workers from working at noon in open spaces exposed to sunlight during the summer months.Protection from heatAccording to the Emirates News Agency, WAM, it aims to reduce heat and sun exposure by workers in the workplace.

The United Arab Emirates seeks to reduce emissions from healthcare facilities and facilities and looks forward to developing a comprehensive action plan that will contribute to the development of a low carbon health system in line with national climate mitigation goals. Paris Climate Agreement.

Efforts to reduce emissions from the health sector and other sectors in the United Arab Emirates are expected to improve air quality, which will positively affect the health of individuals and the community as a whole. The quality of the health care system and its readiness to withstand any climatic effects will ensure that al-Qaeda maintains its flexibility and efficiency in the long run in the event of any future climate change.

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