October 4, 2022

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The biggest events of the Riyadh sports season begin today with the arrival of celebrities

The biggest events of the Riyadh sports season begin today with the arrival of celebrities

Within the activities of the Riyadh Season 2021, the “Rush” Festival kicks off today, Friday, October 22, 2021, and is one of the biggest events of the season for a season ahead of Riyadh. Four days.

Includes a variety of games, games and tournaments for different players using computers, consoles and mobile phones for a variety of games, including the FIFA 22 Tournament and the establishment of the PUBG Mobile Championship. The World Electronic Sports Federation and the Saudi Electronic Sports Federation, 16 teams from many countries around the world are participating and competing for prizes with one million Saudi riyals and the “Cosplay” fashion exhibition.

The event is expected to feature the most important icons of electronic games and content makers and many social media celebrities in Saudi Arabia.

Fans of electronic games in Saudi Arabia will continue to organize the largest “Cosplay” competition, and the authority clarified that the prize for the competition in which the judge Cosplay jury will participate is 70,000 riyals.

The 2021 Riyadh season, in its second edition, will feature more than 7,500 events, 10 international exhibitions, 350 Arab and international theater performances, an electronic game competition, 100 interactive experiences, 18 Arab plays, 6 international plays, and exhibitions. And international cars and 6 concerts auction football matches, a golf course, 12 paddle tennis courts and the first and largest Skyloop is mobile with a capacity of 40% and above.

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