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Astronomer Maya Haseem reveals the forecast on Friday



Predictions for Friday, October 22, 2021: Track of numbers:
Expectations by Numbers:
On Friday, it moves its path to number 10 and from there to number 1: number one, as well as the value of the letter alif (a) and the letter A = 1 and the letters beginning with it, which is the center of all unity, the axis and center of rotation.

* Lucky predictions for silver
According to the track number per person:

Number (1): Friday is the most beautiful day and all your numbers are compatible. They give you emotional and material good fortune, achieve what you want and cultivate spiritual aspects.

Number (2): Friday Your situation is fine..but based on important decisions and beginnings, the situation is not ideal and it is desirable to have multiple daily material fortunes so you can find material opportunities general, you will feel that something is controlling your glamor Faith and Behavior No Commitment and Dedication …

Number (3): Friday may bring challenges and difficulties, but you have a special style that is not like others and it is clear that you are not dependent .. You appear to be independent and your work is personal, but financially your chances are low Beware of increasing your expenses .. You will ask Friendship makes you a priority because of mastering the art..your charisma is less than behaving with a selfish and self-loving ..

Number (4): You need to be careful in your affairs, especially from a stranger you know on can trust your intuition more than your mind..don’t tell or disclose your information Focus on the financial situation .. However, your charisma is strong. You act naive and kind.

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Number (5): Opportunities are good and help you, especially if your time is Friday. You can move forward in terms of work and enthusiasm. You can take the initiative with confidence and achieve your goal. When you feel..your glamor is loving with hope. You act with leadership and confidence.

Number (6): Your affairs are very good, especially in terms of material, money, emotion and social life. You can confirm a new relationship. Friday is considered to be the best day to heal and maintain good health. And sexy..and you act contradictory, for example, once good and bitter rude ..

Number (7): Your chances are great, and you agree on many things on Friday, and you have something about the financial opportunity and the future, and you appear smarter and smarter in your behavior .. The perfect day for communication and renewal. . A brilliant decision, confident steps .. The more your charisma, the more you act intelligently and calmly ..

Number (8): Friday is considered a positive day for communication and the best day to achieve what you want .. You have your charm and you act responsibly and with some stubbornness …

Number (9): Your chances on Friday are average. For example, there are things you agree on, on which you depend .. On the other hand, there are obstacles and delays, especially if you do not see anyone. Help yourself..Do not enter into challenges or discussions, avoid arguments and try to keep yourself away from anything or problem that is not relevant to careful. To the state of health .. Your charisma is mild and you are acting hopeless and distracted and lost ..

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* To extract your track number, you only need to collect all the numbers of your date of birth: Example:
Add all the numbers with a calculator:
Add after 1 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 plus = 41
4 + 1 Issue 5, which is the birth path number of this person.

Friday Lucky:
Owners of No. 1
The first sign of Aries
A sign ruled by the Sun, Leo and Aries.
+ Born on Sunday.
Whose path emerges from numbers 1 and 10 and from the hierarchical number, their birth date:
– 1 – 10 – 8 – 28 – 19 – 5 – 14 – 7 – 16 – 25 –
For Friday, white, yellow and gold are appropriate.
* The energy of No. 1 is the energy of the universe and its expansion, and the origin of the universe is the same, any individual. Learn..For example, stretching when looking at a tree and its branches and growth
From this point of view, if we expand the universe, time, numbers and space, they will expand to infinity, and when we suppress them, the Creator will reveal something from the beginning.
* The number (1) for the Friday path is mainly associated with the colors of Sunday and white, yellow and sun, and Venus and number 6.
And the Number Pyramid for Friday:.
5 5
4 1 23
22 10 2021

* Large number Friday (3413)
Reduced = 2 is the number of binaries and the idea of ​​love and interdependence and marriage and material life, which is associated with wisdom, grace and honesty.

Born Friday, October 22:
He is characterized by creativity and prefers personal work away from the team. He believes in himself and seeks perfection and has a wealth of numbers. He tries a lot towards his youth, especially the woman’s ambition, but in general he is lucky and achieves his goal no matter how hard.
Best Letters for a Baby Born on Friday:
(a – y – s – g – z – f – h)

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