June 6, 2023

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The British government froze the assets of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich

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In the wake of the Russo-Ukrainian crisis, the British government suspended the sale of Chelsea Football Club today after the sanctions imposed on Russian owner Roman Abramovich of Chelsea Football and the freezing of his assets, the Finance Ministry said. To any company owned or controlled by Roman Abramovich, “This means the Chelsea Football Club is now subject to asset freeze under UK financial sanctions.

The billionaire, one of seven Russian oligarchs, including his former business partner Oleg Deripaska, announced last week that he would sell the club he bought in 2003 and finance his domestic and European successes. The British government estimated his net worth at 9. 9.4 billion, but said that allowing the club to continue operating would reduce the impact of sanctions on Chelsea.

A special license “allows many football-related activities,” it said in a statement. The league, the vast football pyramid, loyal fans and other clubs. “

Abramovich announced last week that he had made a “very difficult” decision to sell Chelsea and that the proceeds would go to war victims in Ukraine. According to reports, Abramovich is still awaiting a மூன்று 3 billion auction to sell the current European champion he bought for மில்லியன் 140 million. Chelsea have won 19 titles, including five in the Premier League and two in the Champions League.