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Google describes the latest drop in key Android features


The Photo Blur feature in Google Photos on Android will quickly blur the background of a wide variety of photos, including photos of my favorite pets, food and plants. This is one of the latest updates to Google’s Android applications and services, including Google TV transitions, a new screen timer tool, and Gboard’s major release to help improve grammar.

Previously, the background of people’s photos could be blurred by Google Photos. But with this update, Pixel owners and Google One subscribers will be able to use it on more themes. Image blur can also be used as a post-processing effect for existing images.

Grammar verification is active.
Image: Google

Gboard’s grammar correction feature detects widespread exposure, even when previously exclusive to Pixel phones. Google claims that this feature works on the device and integrates with an existing feature Spell function. Gboard has been updated with an additional 2,000 emoji combinations that can be used to attach two existing emojis as stickers and publish them on messaging applications and various online services.

The Direct writing access applicationIt is designed to provide fast and convenient speech-to-text transcription for the deaf and updated to work offline. Google says it’s useful for conversations that take place in areas where there is a problem getting a reliable internet connection, such as subway trains and planes. Live chat is available on all Android phones and is already pre-installed on Pixel and Samsung phones.

Offline feature in live text.
Image: Google

Minor updates are also coming. Google Assistant gets some parking features that allow you to pay using your voice, check parking status and extend your time. Works by integrating with ParkMobile Available in over 400 US cities. Meanwhile, Android’s Near Sharing feature is updated to share files with more than one person at a time, and Google TV gets a new “Highlights Tap” feature designed to provide you with movies, entertainment news and reviews to follow. Finally, the new screen time widget, released on Android, is designed to give you an overview of the apps you spend most of the day on.

Google does not provide exact release dates for these features. But with Google Messages App UpdatesHopefully these will be released in a few more weeks.

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