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The Choice Series 3. Who will play the role of Field Marshal? (Video)


The “The Choice 3” series, which is expected to air in Ramadan 2022, looks set to be loaded with many surprises starting with the content of the scenes and reaching out to the exceptional characters in it.

The Egyptian series presents an extreme range of “facts to be presented for the first time” and is associated with the June 30, 2013 revolution that ousted the Brotherhood and their late President Mohamed Morsi.

The promotional ad for “The Choice 3” began with its limited clips on YouTube entitled “The Most Dangerous 96 Hours in Egyptian History”.

Apart from the talk of the heroes of the series about Egypt’s imminent civil war and the fraternity’s attempts at that time to establish a new revolutionary bodyguard in the ways of the Iranian model, “Choice 3” gives an exceptional look at the latter. During the events of January 25, 2011, Field Marshal Muhammad Tandawi, former Minister of Defense and Chairman of the Military Council.

Egyptian audiences are eager to know who the “actor” who will play the role of Field Marshal Tantawi in the events of this series is, especially after he appeared from behind in the same ad, perhaps this shot will be satisfactory. With the exception of Mohamed Morsi, Dr. Al-Azhar Sheikh. As other characters, including Ahmed al-Tayeb and Pope Theodosius of the Orthodox Church.

Choice 3mm, written by Honey Sarhan and directed by Peter with a special appearance by Ahmed Is, Artist Kareem Abdel Aziz, Artist Ahmed El Sakka, Yasser Jalal, Khalid El Chawi, Abdel Aziz Magyon, Mahmoud El Bassawi, Jamal Suleiman.

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Artist Khalid al-Sawi embodies the personality of Khairat al-Shatter, the fraternity’s deputy general guide, and artist Abdul Aziz Magyon appears as the epitome of the personality of Mohammed Badi, the general mentor of the fraternity.

On September 21, 2021, the Egyptians bit into the good memory of former Defense Minister Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, who died many years later inside the Egyptian military establishment.

Tantavi was born on October 31, 1935, in Nubian roots in Aswan (south), but was born in the Uptin region of central Cairo.

He received his bachelor’s degree in military science from the College of War in 1956, and the College of Command and Personnel in 1971, and the High College of War in 1982.

Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi holds the military record of having waged four wars (1956, 1967, Adrishan and 1973) against Egypt when he was commander of a war unit with the infantry.

Millions of Egyptians see Dantavi as one of those who opposed the attempt to overthrow Egypt in 2011, who rushed to deploy the Egyptian army in all governorates after great pressure on the civilian police.

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