March 23, 2023

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The Coachella Music Festival has resumed after a gap of three years

The Coachella Music Festival has resumed after a gap of three years

After the famous Coachella Music Festival in California was halted by the corona epidemic from 2019, participants adorned their heads with garlands instead of wearing masks, with no health restrictions.

The audience chatted enthusiastically with Brazilian singer Anita, who started the celebration, followed by the appearance of Snoop Dogg, rapper Sawetti and British Harry Styles who sang the song “Mass Q Nada” with him.

Millions attended

Anita topped the list of most popular songs on the Spotify platform with her song “Involver”, thus becoming the first Brazilian to reach the top of the stage.

Despite the increase in corona virus infections in the United States, hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend Indio in California, a major two-week event that takes place over the last three days of each.

Notable Participating Artists

The most important stars participating in this year’s festival are British Harry Styles, American Billy Elish, Canadian The Weekend and Swedish House Mafia Band.

Prominent names at this year’s Coachella Festival include rap artists Megan the Stallion and Toka Gate, singer Phoebe Bridgers, French band L’Prodrice, singer Strome and Palestinian DJs Sama Abdel Hadi and Black Coffee from South Africa.

Last time, after American Kanye West announced his departure, he was added to the list of participating artists, The Weekend and the Swedish House Mafia band. Travis Scott also refused to attend the ceremony after several people were killed in a stampede at his concert in Houston last year.

Assign centers for corona exams

As this also happened in the 2021 edition due to the epidemic, after the 2020 festival was postponed to early autumn, the organizers were forced to cancel it as the festival has not been held since 2019.

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Organizers announced that they would not ask participants for evidence confirming that they had been vaccinated and would not impose wearing masks or social isolation.

The festival usually takes place outdoors, and receives approximately 125,000 visitors daily from home and abroad, and large numbers of them dive into the tents they set up or into nearby hotels.

There will be two sites to perform corona experiments. Jose Arballo, a spokesman for local health officials, pointed out that additional sites would be provided for testing for the corona virus.