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The dollar calmed down against the Egyptian pound, while the euro and sterling fell


Cairo – Mubasher: At the start of weekly trading, the exchange rate of the US dollar found a cautious calm against the Egyptian pound – on Sunday, the euro and the pound recorded significant declines in most banks operating in Egypt, following rising waves. Last month, it was 1%, following a decision by the Egyptian central bank to raise interest rates.

At the two largest Egyptian state-owned banks, the National Bank of Egypt and Bank Misr, the dollar exchange rate was quietly recorded at 18 18.35 for purchases and .4 18.42 for sales, in terms of volume of assets and transactions. Same final price on Thursday.

Among private banks, the dollar exchange rate was moderately recorded at Commercial International Bank, with ஆ 18.34 for purchases and .4 18.44 for sales, according to Asha.

The average market price of the Egyptian pound against the dollar was .3 18.34 against the dollar and .4 18.43 against the dollar, according to the central bank.

At the level of major currencies, the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian war cast even more shadow over international financial markets and banks.

The European currency “euro”, buying and selling in government and private banks, recorded a decline of 12-18 pies.

At National Bank and Bank Misr, the euro fell to .8 19.81 for buying and. 19.94 for selling.

At Commercial International Bank, the European currency fell 19 19.80 to buy and 19 19.97 to sell.

The average market price of the Egyptian pound against the euro was. 19.99 against the euro and. 19.10 against the euro, according to the central bank.

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The exchange rate of the pound sterling fell 10-13 pies, the start of transactions in both public and private banks.

At National Bank and Bank Misr, the sterling price fell to 23 23.94 and the buy price to 24 24.09.

Among private banks, Commercial International Bank saw the pound fall to 23 23.93 for buy and .1 24.11 for sale.

The average market price of the Egyptian pound against the British pound was .0 24.08 against the British pound and .2 24.21 against the pound, according to the central bank.

At the level of the Arab currencies, the Saudi riyal on the National Bank and the Bank of Egypt eased to 4. 4.88 for today’s buy and 4. 4.91 for sale.

The Kuwaiti dinar exchange rate also saw a 4-8 pound decline at the start of trading, 57 57.80 to buy today and .3 60.38 to sell.

The UAE dirham saw an alarming calm, registering 4.99 for buying and 5. 5.01 for sale.

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