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The cold turned into heat..a strange phenomenon in Antarctica

The cold turned into heat..a strange phenomenon in Antarctica

The Concordia Research Station, located on the “Sea Dome” on the polar plateau at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters, recorded a “record low of minus 11.5 degrees Celsius on Friday”, an all-time record. Together, they broke the record on December 17, 2016, below 13.7 degrees zero, Meteo France meteorologist Etienne Kapikian said on Twitter.

The Dumont Dorville site, located on Eddie Lands Coast, reached 4.9 degrees Celsius in March, while temperatures were expected to drop by the end of the southern summer. The minimum temperature recorded on March 18 was 0.2 degrees.

Geethan Eames noted French Meteorological Commission On Twitter, Meteo France noted in Dumont d’Urville that “frost-free days are rare” but not after February 22 (1991).

“It’s a historic event in terms of moderation in the East,” he described. Frozen continentThe temperature increase was 30 to 35 degrees Celsius above the seasonal standard.

“Temperatures should drop rapidly at this time,” said Jonathan Weil, a researcher at the Institute of Environmental Geosciences in Grenoble.

The intensity and intensity of the heat waves are one of the obvious signs Global warming Although such an explanation cannot be given when a particular climatic event occurs.

The temperature at the poles is rising faster than the rising rate Earth Overall, it was about 1.1 C from pre-industrial times.

A heat wave occurs in eastern Antarctica after reaching sea ice Antarctica In late February, according to the U.S. National Snow and Ice Center, satellites began recording these measurements in less than two million square kilometers, less than two million.

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