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The combination of gene therapy and the use of special glasses restores vision


Cairo – Egypt today

A blind man has regained his sight after 40 years of suffering, with a new treatment … Gene therapy And the use of special glasses. ” This treatment is the first of its kind to be produced by Gensite Biologics and has been a resounding success for someone who has had some form of vision loss for over 4 decades. He is in his teens due to a genetic condition. Retinitis pigmentosa, also known as “RP”, affects more than two million people worldwide, and most of them have no cure. Then the level will improve

Their central vision becomes blurred and ends blind. The importance of the treatment provided by Zensite Biotechnology Institute restores it ViewFor a person with this condition, victims usually lose their vision permanently. The new treatment relies on gene therapy technology to change the cells in the eye, which are then activated by special glasses, and Dr. Joseph Martel, an optometrist at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, says that two decades ago, scientists discovered a special protein. Algae that come in contact with light. Scientists are remarkable

They use viruses to deliver these proteins into the brains of animals, and then genetically modify the neurons to become sensitive to light, which is called optogenetics. Using light, we can activate neurons to see how the brain works. GenSight researchers succeeded in using the same technology in the human retina, where they transformed retinal cells into light-sensitive, and then designed glasses with a special camera that converts images from the real world into pulses of light emitted directly. In the eye.

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Egypt today

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