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The death of artist Samir Sabri after a long struggle with illness has ignited the media! Omar al-Laidi confirms this important point


Social media and YouTube channels were abuzz with the news that artist Samir Sabri had died due to ill health, which was denied by the media Omar L-Laidi.

In a decisive response, journalist Amr al-Laiddi, through his personal account on Instagram, posted a new photo in which he revealed the health of talented artist Samir Sabri.

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Journalist al-Laidi, who has been ill for the past few days, appeared with Sabri when he visited the hospital where he is currently lying, in his latest appearance, reassuring his fans about him and asking everyone to continue praying. He dealt calmly with his crisis, and al-Laidi commented on the photo: “Our teacher praised the great artist Samir Sabri when I went upstairs to the military hospital and praised the great care he receives. I pray to God that he recovers quickly in terms of medical service.

In a related context, artist Hussain Fahmi also released a photo he collected from the hospital with his friend artist Samir Sabri, in which he assured his fans about the latest improvements in his health.

Not long ago, Samir Sabri’s business manager, following an order by Egyptian President Abdel Fattah to treat L-CC artistes at the state’s expense, expressed his enthusiasm in terms of the amount of attention he receives and the excellent health care he receives. In recognition of his artistic and radio career that spanned several decades, he achieved great success through it.

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