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سعر الدولار في السودان

The dollar price in Sudan today is Monday 15 November 2021

The price of the dollar in Sudan was stabilized today, Monday, November 15, 2021, at the Sudanese Central Bank and in parallel (black) market transactions.

The Central Bank of Sudan set the index value of the dollar against the Sudanese pound at 6 436.70 last Thursday, and the profit margin for banks and transactions is 0.75%, which is not high (negative / positive 5.0%).

Dollar price in Sudan today

In Sudan today, the dollar traded at சூடான 436.70 and விற்பனை 439.97, respectively, against the dollar at the Sudanese central bank, while the price of the green currency on the unofficial (black) parallel market was around 4 440. .

In the wake of the country’s political situation, the Sovereign Council in Sudan held its first meeting on Sunday after the new formation by its President Abdel-Fattah al-Burhan, and sparked protests in the country, during which many deaths occurred.

All of its members appointed last weekend attended the meeting.

There have been press reports about the parties’ refusal to accept the constitutional oath as members of the Sovereign Council, but they were shown pictures broadcast by the official media at the Presidential Palace on Sunday.

Sudan’s debt and foreign aid have been in turmoil since the events of October 25.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says Washington is deeply concerned about the formation of a new Sovereign Council in Sudan, which is seen as unconstitutional.

European banks have announced that they will suspend banking transactions with Sudan due to the current political situation.

According to local media, some European banks have sent notices to Sudanese banks asking them to suspend the contract for letters of credit for imports and exports, sources said.

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Sources described the move as “catastrophic” in light of the situation in Sudan.

Euro and sterling prices

The price of the euro in Sudan, along with the central bank of Sudan, was around 1 501.28 for the purchase and 50 505.04 for the sale, while the price of the euro against the Sudanese pound was around 5 540 in the unofficial (black) market. Pounds.

In Sudan, the pound sterling was valued at 5 585.54 for buying at the Sudanese central bank, 58 589.93 for sale and 25 625 for unofficial (black) collateral.

Rial, dirham and dinar prices

The Sudanese central bank bought the Saudi riyal for 6 116.50, sold for 7 117.37 and traded at மற்ற 117 in the unofficial (black) online market.

Sudan Central Bank trading screens showed the Emirati Dirham against the Sudanese pound at 11 118.90, 11 119.79 on sale and 9 119 on the unofficial (black) online market.

The Kuwaiti dinar price at the Sudanese Central Bank was 14 1443.73 and விற்பனை 1454.56 for sale.