March 30, 2023

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The Dubai Air Show is the largest of its kind

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After recovering from the global health crisis, Dubai is preparing to launch the Dubai Airshow, one of its most important editions. Recovery of the aviation market and the travel industry.

The News Network expects significant attendance at the exhibition in Dubai on Sunday, November 14, which will feature a number of discussions on the various developments in the aviation industry and the industry’s recovery and avenues. Air travel has become safer and healthier due to the epidemic.

The Dubai Air Show is seeing mass momentum in its two-year cycle, but after a gap of almost two years, the travel and aviation industries have hit the market and the market has begun to recover, which marks the launch of the exhibition in Dubai. UAE, CNBC.

With regard to the recovery of the travel industry, the US network expects things to go better with the continued success of the vaccination campaign and the easing of government restrictions on Govt. In this regard, global consulting firm aviation analysts “Accenture” say that industry CEOs are optimistic but cautious about the future, and that by 2022 the company is expected to increase commercial aviation worldwide by 13%.

Emirates Airlines, Dubai’s major carrier and the Middle East’s largest airline, has enjoyed some of that recovery, the report said.

On the other hand, the report confirmed that the Dubai Exhibition will witness many discussions on how the industry has become safer, safer and healthier due to the recovery and epidemiological lessons of the aviation and travel industry. The whole world has learned in all fields. On the other hand, the topics of supply chains, shipping and sustainability are sure to get more attention and monitoring at this year’s air show. According to analysts, the global supply chain crisis has affected many sectors around the world, such as telecommunications systems, ships and semiconductor components.

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According to Accenture, Govt 19 was the winner during the crisis, which included the movement of products and goods, which was represented by shipping operations, which played a major role in aviation, while at the same time stopping people from traveling and traveling, the e-commerce and product movement continued to grow in importance. Provided and required more cargo planes.

In this regard, experts expect that the major companies participating in the exhibition, “Airbus” and “Boeing”, will showcase newer and larger cargo aircraft than the existing ones, and this will be a good opportunity, as in the Gulf. Represents a large and very important commodity market.