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Egypt: A lawyer has filed a complaint with the CC and the Attorney General against the head of the Al-Fadi channel for committing atrocities.



High Court in Egypt

Egyptian legal adviser Hosam Under, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, has lodged a complaint with the Prime Minister and Attorney General against Faisal Putros, known as “Father Zakaria Putros”, the owner of the Al-Fadi channel.

Andar said in his complaint, “The owner of the Al-Fadi channel has taken to hurting his pages and spreading his extremist ideology. We are all brothers, our Islam has commanded us.”

He added: He was found to have tried to argue in a controversy raised in defiance of the sanctity of religion, so he has no right to defend his freedom of belief under this under Appeal No. 21602. In 84 BC, the program established the crime of religious contempt in Part Two of the Second Book of Criminal Law: Crimes that harm the security of the state from within.

He went on to say, “Article 161 states that for any violation of one of the ways mentioned in Rule 171, those punishments will be imposed against any of the religions whose rites are performed in public, and no one will fall under the rules of this article. If he deliberately distorts the text of the book, it changes its meaning.

He concluded: “The law defines the crime of slandering religions as insulting, criticizing or ridiculing religion or any of its symbols or established principles. It is not permitted and punished by law.”

He called for the investigation to be expedited and for legal action to be taken to close these channels and pages, and for legal action to be taken against those responsible for those pages. Bring the complainant, and a classic question of al-Azhar Sheikh is his position and his response to the report, as well as whether the church’s position on what was published by the hemisphere and whether he deserves it or not.

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Source: RT

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