March 25, 2023

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The dubious target spilled ink and sparked controversy

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Union Magdalena’s goal against Janeros sparked a lot of controversy among enthusiasts in the Colombian third tier league and sparked much controversy over his integrity, with the visiting team beating Magdalena in the final minutes of the match and winning by two. According to the British “Daily Mail”, Fortaleza, who lost 2-1 to Bogota, climbed to the top of the table with one goal.

The video clip showed how the Yaneros players got away from their opponents and led them to score the second goal, before the goalkeeper left his goal and it became clear how the defenders did not stand up and try to stop the attack. Team striker Jonathan Sekura scored easily under the eyes of two defenders.

Echoes of the dubious goalie’s case have reached the Colombian team’s first-row stars, who have expressed their anger and outrage at the situation, describing the shot as a case led by Italian Juventus winger Juan Quadrato. “Disrespect” to Colombian football’s reputation, he described to Portugal’s Portuguese player Matthias Eurip, who scored on his team-mates, as “a disgrace to football in the country”. .

The Colombian Football Federation has called for an inquiry into the match, commenting on Twitter: “In view of the controversy surrounding the outcome of the match between Yaneros and Union Magdalena, we urge the League’s regulatory body to hold a serious inquiry as soon as possible.”

In turn, Fortaleza coach Nelson Flores, who failed to top the league, burst into tears at the press conference after the match, admitting that his club had not done the desired performance, but he was surprised by its result. In another match, he said, “I’m not ashamed to cry because I feel disqualified from us. Failure is normal and possible, but the qualification cannot be won like that.”

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