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الهولنديون لا يزالون الأطول في العالم لكنّ قاماتهم إلى انكماش

The Dutch are still the tallest in the world, but their height is declining

Posted on Friday, September 17, 2021 at 07:46 PM

Transparent about height

According to a study by the Federal Bureau of Statistics on Friday, the Dutch are considered the world’s tallest people, but their measurement in centimeters is declining because the generation of people born in 2001 is smaller than those born in the 1980s.

The average height of a 19-year-old Dutch man today is 182.9 centimeters, compared to 183.9 centimeters for those born in 1980.

The average height of a 19-year-old Dutch woman is 169.3 centimeters, compared to 170.7 centimeters for those born in 1980.

The study pointed out that there may be various factors behind this altitude change, including migration and food, which is a counter trend that has been growing rapidly in the European country for a century and a half. But since 1980 growth has stalled. “

“Men born in 2001 lost an average of one centimeter compared to the 1980 generation, while women lost an average of 1.4 centimeters,” he explained. “In this regard, Dutch men are ahead of men in Montenegro. Their counterparts in Estonia and Bosnia are Dutch women taller than women in Montenegro, Denmark and Iceland, according to data from the Global Health Scientists Network. Are also short.

– ‘Bad eating habits’ – It is not clear what caused this decline. The study explained that immigration is one of these factors, as people of “non-Western descent” are generally shorter in height.

But he noted that high growth among parents and grandparents born in the Netherlands was “stagnant”. Men have not grown since the 1980s, and women have had a ‘downward trend’. This may be due to a ‘biological limit’, but it may also be associated with ‘poor eating habits and excessive energy consumption during the growth phase’.

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The study is based on subjective measurements of 719,000 Dutch people between the ages of 19 and 60.

However, the Dutch were not always that tall. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, they were inferior to European standards, and only began to progress in the 1840s.

A century ago, the tallest men were in the United States or Scandinavia.

The Dutch dominated only by the generation born in the late twentieth century. The reasons for the height of the Dutch are not yet clear. And scientists have discovered the false nature of the belief that existed in popular circles as Dutch lovers. Cheese is tall because they consume a lot of dairy products.

The real reason is that Dutch people are more likely to be prosperous than others, and the Bureau of Statistics stressed that “the tendency for taller men and women to have more children than their short husbands” was a “natural choice.”